Trash Boat Release Video For New Track, ‘He’s So Good’

Trash Boat have made their return!

The band have dropped a new track, ‘He’s So Good’, which is just filled to the brim with amazing riffs as well as vocal feats from Tobi Duncan. Check out the video as well! I have a good few times!

This is the first taste of new music from the band since their 2019 standalone single ‘Synthetic Sympathy’.

Duncan says on the track and video’s themes:

“It will never cease to amaze me that people can let such a benign thing as sexual preference or gender identity have such a dramatic impact on their concept of morality. Even to the point where they would abandon their child. As if the deviation from human presentation and partnership for procreation was an affront to the very essence of what it is to love.

This song is about someone who, even in the face of abandonment and spite, remains a positive and loyal element in the family. Looking past a lack of understanding to forgive and love parents who don’t love them back. Only to be shown that this apparently isn’t enough.

I see sexuality as a transcendental part of human identity to simply be known. THINK ABOUT HOW SIMPLE THAT IS. People fear what they don’t understand to such a degree that they try to force people to fit their ideal for the sake of some existential self preservation. It’s ridiculous that people shouldn’t be able to present and love the way they please.

You can look at the same thing from a different perspective and change it in its entirety. I’ve been civil and polite in rooms with people when I’ve seen proof of their abusive behaviour, but kept my mouth shut because it wasn’t my family or my business. What’s even worse is there are some people IN a family who will live their whole lives repressed by a similar feeling, neglected by people who don’t want to understand or love them. You sort of become complacent and try to find a way to placate them and be ‘respectful’ while adhering to superficial pleasantries. But there’s so much of you that just wants to tell them how you really feel and craves confrontation.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that it’s respect that isn’t returned on a fundamental level. It made me angry to imagine the type of people that would inflict their ignorance on someone who they are meant to guide and who I thought was one of the best people ever. It’s such a slippery form of cowardice that seems to hide behind an air of “don’t tell me how to life my life” as if defending their god given right to be an insufferable cunt..

They might hide behind mumbles or obscure references to higher authority, but really all they want to say is “I don’t like the way you are and I would change you if I could”. Fuck you.

I wanted to put that energy into a song. I want people to know that it is written with them in mind.

I want people to be able to use the topic as a point of pride and enjoy listening to music that makes them feel confident and heard”

Check out the video below.

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