Electric Century Releases New Single

ELECTRIC CENTURY, Mikey Way & David Debiak have today premiered their first single off the self-titled sophomore record due out 26th February.

The track, “Till We’re Gone” premiered on Alternative Press and showcases their synth laced alternative sound. 

The album was produced by My Chemical Romance’s Ray Toro andplays its part as sequel to the first album, ‘For The Night To Control’ but moves their sound onto a bigger or more dynamic platform.

With the graphic novel, Mikey Way & Shaun Simon went to work, recruiting artist Toby Cypress to create a riveting and mind-bending journey through a world that compliments the music for Electric Century but that also stands alone.

Mikey Way, best known for his accomplishments in the music world, is no stranger to writing and creating. Shaun Simon quickly became a name in comics on the True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, which was released in close proximity to Electric Century artist Toby Cypress’s acclaimed series The White Suits, and tied directly to the album of the same name. A fitting basis for the team to collaborate on Electric Century.

“The team I’m working with is inspiring, and killing it on the script” says artist Toby Cypress. “I grew up in many of the areas the story takes place along the Jersey Beaches and casinos. This project is turning into a love letter to those amazing times back in the 80s.”

Electric Century’s new album and corresponding graphic will be released in finer comic shops, book and record stores everywhere by 26th February, with a special deluxe limited edition available for pre-order exclusively through both Z2’s website

Check out ‘Till We’re Gone’ below.

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