Single Review – Meisha & The Spanks – I Want Fire

This is burning a hole in my ears. Meisha & The Spanks produce a cathartic punk infused noisetastic track which just needs to be listened to. The raw passion of the track will give you the best few minutes of your week guarenteed.

On the track, they say:

I Want Fire started with a chorus.

That was enough to get our producer Leeroy Stagger all fired up: I remember hearing the demo for this and just being bowled over. The chorus is so damn strong and catchy, if there was any justice in this world this song would be a hit. 

Written during the early stages of the pandemic, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to burn down, but something needed to go. My maternity leave should have ended, so I could go on tour and play rad festivals with my husband on parental leave. But suddenly we were two stay at home parents with two six month old babies, unable to perform or socialize, confined to the same routine, getting in each other’s space and driving each other crazy. As I wrote, it became less about burning down what was pissing me off and more about lighting up my own fire and getting back to our normal.

Rating: 5/5.

The new album Singles EP will be released on April 16th 2021.

Check out ‘I Want Fire’ via your preferred streaming service.

Check out the teaser for the video via Youtube below.

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