Single Review – Doll Skin ‘Control Freak’

Doll Skin are well and truly back with their first release as a two-piece.

Control Freak’ is a cathartic Punk-Rock anthem full with a haunting atmosphere and furious to the sound. The rhythm only matches with he hard hitting drums to connect with the theme of the lyrics in a way most tracks don’t these days. It’s one which just needs to be listened to in these lockdown times.

Rating: 5/5.

On the track the band say:

“Our newest single Control Freak is a product of love by Syd, Meg, our friend Max Calkins and our producer Zach Such. This song is about how you can accidentally tap yourself within your own anxiety. When you have frequent attacks, you avoid all things that trigger them. In an attempt to cope you create a cage for yourself. The music video touches on both Syd and Meg’s time in the psychiatric ward because of mental health reasons in their lives. Ecstatic to be back, looking forward to our new chapter.”

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