Brandon Furtado Releases New Track ‘Selena’

Upcoming pop sensation Brandon Furtado releases his latest feel-good song‘Selena’. Sure to be on repeat, the track is available everywhere now.

Produced by Chris Piquette, the piece enters with acoustic guitar, but soon swerves genre with classic synths and double-time drum hits. As a feel-good electronic pop tune it certainly is memorable and fun, with bongo hits and vocal samples adding variation. Furtado’s positive lyrics soar strong and centre-stage.

‘Selena’ is “the story of meeting someone at a club on a summer’s night and going all out with them the whole weekend,” he explains. “It’s a totally fun love song about letting go and just having a blast.”

Brandon himself hails from Somerset, Massachusetts, and has been writing music for over six years and playing all his life. Though he creates both pop and acoustic tracks, they all share catchy hooks and positive lyrics. As his fourth song it follows ‘Hate You’ and marks the start of an exciting year for Furtado. And as his success continues, ‘Selena’ is sure to be blaring across the country soon.

Check out ‘Selena’ below.

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