Sullivan King Has Teamed Up With Ice Nine Kills Spencer Charnas For New Track

Sullivan King has dropped his new track since signing to Hopeless Records and there’s a huge artist featuring on it!

‘Venomous’ is a exploration into the energy SK emits with the balance of EDM and Rock giving of massive hooks where Ice Nine Kills’ Spencer Charnas along for the ride. 

It’s one huge track that they couldn’t be more proud of as the artist explains:

“I couldn’t be more stoked to be releasing a song that really sits outside of what people are used to hearing from me. It’s the first track of mine that breaks away from a regular dance record and embraces the embodiment of a loud as fuck rock record. This is also the first record I got to crush with the legend John Feldmann, he seriously is such a beast. Big love to Spencer from INK for jumping on this one too!!”

Check it out below.

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