Single Review – Against The Current – ‘Weapon’

Against The Current have shared a brand new single, ‘weapon’.

Chrissy Costanza (Vocals) explains, “‘weapon’ is about the invisible wars we wage within ourselves, where we are simultaneously the protagonist and the antagonist of our own story. I’ve spent so much time being my own worst enemy, as the weapon that destroys relationships I care about. This song is about that battle and the victory I strive for but always seem to fall short of. We wrote it in a time of darkness that existed both in the world around us but also in my own head. This song is a triumph over that darkness.’”

‘weapon’ follows on from last year’s standalone single ‘that won’t save us’ – the first release since their 2018’s ‘Past Lives’ album.

‘Weapon’ carries on from their previous single ‘that won’t save us’ into a heavier pop-rock direction and departure from the past lives record but gives us a massive release of pent up cathartic energy in an emotionally supercharged track which is a fantastic statement on overcoming someone’s own demons.

Rating: 5/5.

Check out the video for ‘weapon’ below.

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