Holding Absence Reveal New Track, ‘In Circles’

Holding Absence have released their third track from their upcoming record, ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’.

‘In Circles’ is a powerful post-hardcore track, showing off the band’s capability for a resounding track of immense proportions.

Vocalist Lucas Woodland had this to say about the song:

“In Circles is a really subtly exciting song for our band. Lyrically, it commentates on the mundane and cyclical nature of day to day life… Pointing out just how dangerous it can be to live your life without ambition.

With such a strong lyrical vision, we made sure that the song and video followed suit, playing out in an almost hypnotic fashion.

We think this track is really special, and will hopefully be enough to encourage people to reach out of their lives a little bit.”

Check out ‘In Circles’ below.

The Greatest Mistake Of My Life is set to be released on April 16th via SharpTone Records.

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