MUTTERING Release New Music Video For ‘Good Luck’

Brand new Indie-rock trio MUTTERING have released a beautiful new track ‘Good Luck’, the second to be revealed from their upcoming debut EP ‘Don’t Think About It’, set for release 9th April via Failure By Design Records. 

The contemplative composition, which follows the darkly brooding ‘Swim’, challenges listeners to consider:

“What if the worst predictions did come true? What if all of them were laid bare for us to see? No ifs or maybes. No ‘well someone will come up with something’. Would you think it was so crazy to have believed this would happen all along? How would these ideas be addressed if the people who had the biggest platforms stood up for something important and tried to help the people that they rode on, rather than hindering them?”

The band refer to their upcoming debut EP ‘Don’t Think About It’ as a collection of “songs for the end of the world”. The tracks of optimism in the midst of impending doom were written quickly and instinctively back in 2019, when the world was a different place. Things may have changed since then but the simple truths held and the messages conveyed are clear and increasingly relevant.

‘Don’t Think About It’ was recorded and mixed by guitarist Tom Hill in his SE London studio ‘The Bookhouse’ and mastered by Dan Coutant (Drug Church, Swain, Lemuria).

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