Check Out The Video For Noir Disco’s ‘Rockstar’

Talented and humorous, duo ​Noir Disco drop their take on the classic track ​‘Rockstar’​ , originally by Nickelback​. Marking the build up to their upcoming album ​‘Oh My Nightmare’​ , the track has a witty and brilliant video, dropping March 2nd.

Co-produced by the pop duo, 80s synth laden and piano led, the cover is a slowed-down melancholy version of its original. With a huge pad-filled climax to the song, the sadness the pair bring out creates a beautiful, ironic and poignant comment on fame. It paints a powerful and ultimately more realistic version of a song synonymous with the rockstar life.
On their musical career and its relation with the track, Noir Disco explain that ​“we realized when we prioritized the pursuit of success in our life, we found ourselves lonely & disconnected from the people close to us. We woke up to an American Dream which had become a Nightmare for both of us. We wish more people were open about the sadness of their experience with fame. We want to prioritize laughter & community in this life,not the exclusive clubs all the pretty people hangout in.”

Noir Disco comprise of 2 brothers, Saucy and Nolan, from the suburbs of Chicago, who began making music in 2015. Having received much success after the release of their debut EP, their track ​‘Escapade’ featured on Pigeon & Planes and has over 900k streams on Spotify alone. Having released a handful of singles last year, ‘Rockstar’ marks their return. Its funny and cool video tells a trippy story of a reality headset dream, and matches the tone of the song perfectly.

‘Rockstar’ comes off of their upcoming album ​‘Oh My Nightmare’​ , which promises to be an exciting and clever release from the talented duo.

“Rockstar”​ is available to view below via Youtube and Spotify.

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