Palmist Debut Video For New Single, ‘Spark’

Pop Rock Quintet Palmist have debuted a video for their latest single, ‘Spark’.

Guitarist Alex Hills had this to say of the song and its meaning.

“This track is about meeting someone on a night out and that instant chemistry you feel. It’s about living in the moment & forgetting about everything else in your life, it’s very much a Carpe Diem song.”

You can check out ‘Spark’ and its video below.

The track will be available to stream from April 2nd 2021.

Therapy?, Blood From Within, And More Join Bloodstock 2021 Lineup

Derby’s Bloodstock Festival 2021 lineup just got a little bigger with the announcement of five new additions.

Therapy?, Bleed From Within, Mother Vulture, Famyne, and Party Cannon have all been announced to play the festival.

In addition, Bloodstock has also announced that four overseas acts – The Black Dahlia Murder, Cattle Decapitation, Nekrogoblikon, and Toxic Holocaust – are unfortunately no longer able to make the 2021 event due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and vaccine constraints.

Check out the lineup below.

Bloodstock Open Air Festival will take place on August 11th – 15th 2021 at Catton Park, Derbyshire.

Tickets for the festival are on sale now via the following link.

Band Interview Of The Day – Long Autumn

We’re back for another instalment of the Band Interview O fThe Day! Today we have the Boston based Alternative band Long Autumn. Let’s dive in!

  1. If could introduce yourselves for us, who are you?

Hey what’s up we’re Long Autumn and we’re an alt band from the Boston area and we’re basically just five random dudes that love to have a good time and play music together. That’s the way I see it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

  1. How did you all meet?

We met about just under 2 years ago. Tim our bassist and I have been friends since middle school and had been playing together in two other projects before but those had fizzled out and Tim was looking on band mix for other potential bands when he hit the jackpot with Johnny who already had a really impressive solo project going called L1PS (which you should definitely stream btw) and he was looking to expand into a full band. We then found Conor our drummer shortly after then about a month later added our other guitarist Jam into the mix. It was such a surreal experience because we all just clicked right away from the rip both socially and musically. Everyone just fell into their role naturally and contributed their own unique thing to the band and we were inspired and ready to go.

  1. How long have you been playing?

We’ve all got varying levels of experience with our instruments with Johnny having the most. I personally really started when I was grounded one summer in high school and did nothing but teach myself guitar and binge the show Scrubs.

  1. What three words would you use to describe the music you play?

Beautiful, dark, ambiguous

  1. What are your musical influences?

If you have listened to us you might be able to guess that as a band we are heavily influenced by the Neighborhood as well as the likes of Cage the Elephant and the 1975. My personal favorite genre of music is garage punk but when I’m producing or contributing to the song writing it’s hard to put my finger on where exactly the influence comes from because it’s a lot of different places and each of us have our own music influences so at the end of the day it pretty much just boils down to sounding like us.

  1. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen during a show?

Ha, well our second show ever was at this small spot in New Hampshire and we really had no idea what to expect but we got in there and there was these two guys, one dressed head to toe in pirate gear setting up one of those lap steel slide guitars and the other must’ve been around 65 dressed for a business meeting setting up his big double bass. And then they started to play these wild storytelling songs that had nothing to do with anything pirate related. It was definitely a trip.

7. Being away from the stages since last year, where is the one place you’d visit when the

restrictions are lifted?

We are obviously itching to get back out there and play shows again and there are just so many places we want to go. Very excited to continue to gig around the Boston area again but also look forward to another trip to NY like last year and keep playing new spots. It’s so hard to just choose one.

  1. What’s the one record you own but wouldn’t ever admit to owning?

I got my girlfriend a Dolly Parton vinyl cause she loves her but I think I’ve been listening to it more than her recently. Not that I would ever be embarrassed of Dolly though she’s a legend

  1. What have you been listening in the last few weeks?

Recently I’ve been getting into a lot of shoegaze music recently with obviously My Bloody Valentine, Pinkshinyultrablast and my personal favorite Slow Crush. It’s just so loud and messy and noisey but also soft and chill at the same time with beautiful melodies I love it. It’s interesting too because it’s probably not something I would’ve listened to 2 years ago so it’s kinda cool to see how your music tastes change

  1. Are there any releases you have planned in the near future?

Yes we do! We are currently hard at work right now on the first of two 6 song projects we have planned and you should be seeing the first single off of that very soon. We are really  inspired as a band right now and have been putting our nose to the grindstone and having fun while doing it so we are very excited to share our new stuff with you! Thank you very much for checking in, we appreciate you!

Nocturnal Hollow Premiere New Album ‘Triumphantly Evil’

NOCTURNAL HOLLOW is a Death Metal outfit that came to form in Venezuela in 2010. Ensembled and led by JR Escalante, to this day they continue to write brutal content that positions them as clear references in Latin American metal.

Made up of musicians with a long history both in local bands and in international projects, their music recalls the golden age of the genre offering a direct and raw proposal for fans.

They are supported by major record labels that have printed, distributed and promoted their music around the world. In turn, important magazines and blogs have described the music of Nocturnal Hollow as “consistent and competitive to the world market of Extreme Metal”.

They are currently promoting their seventh studio album Triumphantly Evil, a record that stands out for its aggressiveness and density. Everything is pushed even further to the extreme.

Category musicians for a band that has a vast trajectory in heavy music, to the point that the media consider Nocturnal Hollow as one of the most important bands in the Swedish Death Metal genre in Latin America.

About the album

Triumphantly Evil was released on February 21, 2021. This seventh LP in their discography is presented as a faster and a more aggressive one. Those are the elements that the band sought to capture in this record work.

JR Escalante, leader of the group, commented the following in relation to this release:

“We always try to experiment by putting ourselves at a level above our abilities. The type of sound is the same, always faithful to the roots of Swedish Death Metal. However, we seek to add certain elements of our musical tastes so that the result of this album comes out different. “


1. Shining Blaze of Hell
2. Baphomet Crown
3. Bound to the Gore
4. Down to Void
5. Consumed By The Storm
6. In Rapture of Pain
7. Through the Haze of Dead
8. Voices Come from the Night
9. King of Wrath
10. Remembrance of Murder
11. Necrophiliac (SLAYER cover)

SATYRICON to Release Remixed & Remastered Editions of Pioneering Dark Medieval Times & The Shadowthrone

SATYRICON‘s first album, Dark Medieval Times, was released in the autumn of 1993 followed by its successor, The Shadowthrone, only eight months later. These pioneering pieces of art marked a start of a Black Metal evolution and have influenced the genre ever since. Both records will now be released as remixed and remastered reissues with altered cover artworks, on May 28, 2021 via Napalm Records.

When it comes to pivotal moments in the evolution of heavy music, the Norwegian black metal scene of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s takes some beating for sheer audacity and contrarian verve. Most importantly, many of the records released during those tumultuous formative years have become established and undisputed classics in metal’s illustrious canon, and SATYRICON’s extraordinary early works must surely rank among the most revered of all.

Remixed and remastered Dark Medieval Times and The Shadowthrone will be available as a special limited deluxe box, as well as in 2 LP gatefold, CD digipack and digital album formats.

Save your edition Now!

Pre-orer Dark Medieval Times (REISSUE) Here!

Dark Medieval Times was both instantly recognizable as the product of the thriving Norwegian scene and as something wholly distinctive within that superficially restrictive musical framework. Even more remarkable was the fact that the entire record had been written and performed (with the exception of drums) by a then 17-year-old Sigurd ‘Satyr’ Wongraven: clearly a prodigious talent with an abundance of epic and perverse ideas rattling around in his head.

Dark Medieval Times Tracklist:
1. Walk the Path of Sorrow 
2. Dark Medieval Times
3. Skyggedans 
4. Min Hyllest Til Vinterland 
5. Into the Mighty Forest 
6. The Dark Castle in the Deep Forest 
7. Taakeslottet

The ShadowthroneSATYRICON‘s second album, showcased a huge evolutionary leap for its creators. Where the Norwegians’ debut had heralded the arrival of a furious new creative force, the second full-length was an act of consolidation and refinement, as Satyr truly blossomed as a composer of artful extremity. Even in sonic terms, it stood apart from both tradition and trend, deftly encompassing both primitive, earthbound grit and a suffocating sense of otherworldly vastness.

The Shadowthrone Tracklist:
1. Hvite Krists Død 
2. In the Mist by the Hills 
3. Woods to Eternity 
4. Vikingland 
5. Dominions of Satyricon 
6. The King of the Shadowthrone 
7. I En Svart Kiste

Tracks To Check Out – Ghost Twin – Become Control

Okay so today for you I have Ghost Twin. The track ‘Become Control’ is taken from the upcoming LP, ‘Love Songs For End Times’.

Love Songs for End Times is much more earnest, honest, and personal than our last record, while exploring the fragility of the natural world and the poor ego driven choices of humanity.

People have envisioned the end of the world thousands of times. “Become Control,” along with the rest of the album, wades through the different emotions that such unstable times have brought up for us. 

We drew inspiration from events in the United States at the time of writing: totalitarianism, fanaticism, and a government that does not value the lives of its own children over gun ownership. 

The track starts off as something you’d hear in a club. This isn’t what you expect at the start and goes into the direction that is reminding me of The Hexans but the track is a storming dark turn with lyrics to match and one that just takes over your central nervous system on command.

Check out ‘Become Control’ below.

Biffy Clyro’s ‘Opposites’ Has Been Certified Platinum

Remember Biffy Clyro’s 2013 record, ‘Opposites’?

Well, according to the BPI, the record has gone platinum!

This equates to 300,000 sales!

In addition, it also has one track that has hit a certification of its own. ‘Black Chandelier’ is currently Silver, the equivalent of 200,000 sales.

Check out the track below.

Evanescence’s Latest Record Is Currently No.03 In The UK Midweek Album Charts

Last Friday, Evanescence released their long-awaited album ‘The Bitter Truth’ this past Friday, their first new material in a decade. 

It’s now is on course to debut near the top of the UK Charts where it’s standing at No.03 in the Midweek update and is the most downloaded album of the week so far.  

So let’s get this to the top spot!

Check out ‘Better Without You’ below.

SeeYouSpaceCowboy & If I Die First Announce Split EP

Post Hardcore bands SeeYouSpaceCowboy and If I Die First have announced they’re joining together for a 5 track split EP titled as ‘A Sure Disaster’.

Set for release on May 14th 2021 via Pure Noise Records, the EP will see two brand new tracks from each of the two bands, along with one track called ‘Bloodstainedeyes’ on which they’ve worked together.

You can check out the EP cover artwork, full track listing, a stream of ‘Bloodstainedeyes’, and pre-order options below.

01.) SeeYouSpaceCowboy – ‘Painting A Clear Picture From An Unreliable Narrator’
02.) SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Modernizing The Myth Of Sisyphus’
03.) SeeYouSpaceCowboy / If I Die First – ‘Bloodstainedeyes’
04.) If I Die First – ‘Mirror, Mirror This Is Nothing Like You Promised’
05.) If I Die First – ‘My Nightmares Would Do Numbers As Horror Movies’

Pre-orders are available via the official website here.