Band Interview Of The Day – Sailing Before The Wind

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Band Interview Of The Day segment! We have a good one up for you today all the way from Tokyo, Japan. I have so much love for this band at the moment, they’ve got some earworms right in my head, please give a warm welcome to Sailing Before The Wind!

1.If could introduce yourselves for us, who are you?

We are Sailing Before The Wind, a metalcore band from Tokyo, Japan.

2.How did you all meet?

Naturally. We have been playing music in other bands, so we knew each other before we were in a band together.

3.How long have you been playing?

We’ve been playing for around 10 years, since 2011.

4.What three words would you use to describe the music you play?

Melodic, Positive, Breakdowns.

5.What are your musical influences?

Bands like This or the Apocalypse, August Burns Red, Elitist, ERRA, I Killed The Prom Queen and Harem Scarem have influenced us a lot.

6.What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen during a show?

The venue blacked out just as the breakdown began, and we performed in total darkness.

7.Being away from the stages since last year, where is the one place you’d visit when the restrictions are lifted?

8.What have you been listening in the last few weeks?

Country/Pop artists like David James, Brett Young, and Alyssa Newton. 

9.Are there any releases you have planned in the near future?

Yes. We’ll be releasing more music this year!

Check out their re-recorded version of ‘Cross the Ocean’ below

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Band Interview Of The Day – Darkest Horizon

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Band Interview Of The Day! We welcome to the Almost Anything family the epic German quartet, Darkest Horizon! They talk influences, some music they wouldn’t admit to owning and a few other things. Let’s dive in!

1. If could introduce yourselves for us, who are you? 

Hi, we are Darkest Horizon, a German epic melodic death metal band from Frankfurt am Main.

2. How did you all meet? 

We all have been in the same circle of metalheads in our region, played in the same bands, went to the same concerts.  And when we joined the same band we became even closer and nowadays we are best friends. Best lovestory ever. 

3. How long have you been playing? 

As a band? This is our eleventh year though Enis joined us as a singer a few years later. 

4. What three words would you use to describe the music you play? 

Epical metallic soundtrack. 

5. What are your musical influences? 

Oh that’s a long list… actually anything from death metal to hip-hop and from orchestral soundtracks to 1960’s  rock’n’roll. We try to not exclude anything for even in styles of music you don’t like you might find inspiration for  something new. That’s one of the great things about making music. 

6. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen during a show? 

Actually I don’t recall anything really weird… there was one time Daniel and I witnessed the huge decolleté of a lady  headbanging in the first row and her whole body followed the circles of her neck whilst headbanging. We were so  fascinated we almost fell off the stage. Maybe we are too easy to manipulate… 

7. Being away from the stages since last year, where is the one place you’d visit when the restrictions  are lifted? 

You mean as a concert location? Actually any stage we can play on. We have been absent for far too long, we just want  to perform! 

And privately spoken I am looking forward to visit some of my favorite places again like Finland, the Ukraine or  Prague. Love it there. 

8. What’s the one record you own but wouldn’t ever admit to owning? 

Hmm I think it is a Westlife CD *laughs* In case anyone still knows who they were. They have also been my very first  concert as a kid… a lot has changed since then! 

9. What have you been listening in the last few weeks? 

I have been listening to a lot of 60’s and 70’s music like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elton John. These artists are (or were)  simply amazing! Today you have lots of computers and digital programs and so on but these were the days of raw  productions and good music. And everything we know today was built on top of that. 

10. Are there any releases you have planned in the near future?

Yes, or next single will be released in June (so stay tuned)! And we are working on more songs and plan on keeping  releasing, so there will be a lot more releases within the next months.

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Singer- Songwriter Dan Potter Sings is getting ready to release a new album titled ‘Again?!’.

Dan Potter is gearing up to release the upcoming record, ‘Again?!’.

The ten track effort traverse the genre spectrum displaying elements of black metal and pop-rock. Leading up to the release date, he has released a lyric video for the track ‘To the Beat of a Civil War’.

Check it out below.

“After a six year break from releasing full-length albums I am back with a ten song LP that was assembled from an epic burst of inspiration in early 2020. I wanted to add even more dimensions to the Dan Potter Sings chimera by incorporating vastly different musical approaches then I have in the past. So I wrote ten songs in ten days under this creative decree and what I came up with was some of the most genre defying music I’ve ever heard.  Marrying together polar opposites has always been my artistic goal but now I have added even more granules of sonic extremity to the mix for even more craziness. Every style of music I listen to plays a part whether its complex techno patterns alongside jazzy guitar, full on punk rock blitzkriegs that feed into chill pop ballads or emo-girl pop that explodes into black metal screaming rages, ‘Again?!’ is the real me.”

Ravenscode Set Speakers Ablaze With New Single, ‘Fire’

The latest from their recent album, Fire and Storm, the Windsor-based band releases an inferno off the opening note: heavy electrics, pulsating percussion, pounding bass and an explosion of melodic vox. The listener is drawn into a fury of emotion, and explosion.

Following up their debut album, District of Broken Hope, “Fire” serves as the lead single from the group’s sophomore effort — a project they call a “vivid picture of who Ravenscode is as a band”. 

The track, as they say, starts as many of them do – from a riff. “That main riff you hear at the start of a song that hits you like a punch to the face was written by Justin (aka Journey) one night before bed,” the band explains. “He knew right away that it was something special and recognized the full throttle emotion that seemed to come with it. 

“This feeling brought out one word ‘Fire’.” 

The song actually serves as a promise during a breakup, where our hero assures he’s going to be just fine in light of the recent heartbreak because he is, in fact, fire. “And I’m here to burn this place down,” sears the lyrics. “You better back away and hide your eyes,” it continues to threaten, “as I burn brighter. Let the flames embrace me now ‘cause I am fire tonight.” 

It’s the essence of energy that Ravenscode produces on the track that melts you into submission of its force. The chant “we want the fire, we need the fire, we breathe the fire” establishes an almost guttural Vincent Price-like pledge to darkness, illuminated only by flames. 

The song is a flash forward into the future of Ravenscode as songwriters and musicians; a testament to their grueling touring, and dedication to honing their craft on stages across Canada.

“The reaction of crowds while on tour was a true affirmation that this is what (we) were born to do,” they say, adding the multitude of fan videos, and cover tracks has been the most endearing to them of all their interactions with their audience. “Watching someone take the time to learn your song and have the confidence to perform it and put it out into the world is one for the best feelings there is.”

Now with the heat of experience burning through them, Ravenscode is more confident than ever in their ability to unite crowds with their signature melodic hard rock sound, chemistry on and off stage, and commitment to providing a trip to their show will become the “best night of your life.” 

“Fire” is a steady warning that these guys promise no prisoners, no holds barred, and simply no way you’re leaving one of their concerts without them being burned into your consciousness. 

Check out ‘Fire’ below.

Green Day Release New Single, ‘Pollyanna’

Pop-punk kings Green Day have dropped a brand new single, ‘Pollyanna’, following a little bit of teasing via their social media channels.

This is the first offering of new material to come from the band since their 2020 record, ‘Father Of All Motherfuckers’.

Check out ‘Pollyanna’ below.

Dan Potter Releases New Music Video For ‘To The Beat Of A Civil War’

Alt-rock artist Dan Potter Sings is premiering a lyric video for ‘To the Beat of a Civil War’ on May 18th.  This is a new track off the upcoming album ‘Again?!’ which will be released in the summer. 

This hard hitting punk-pop song builds itself upon the rebellious themes that run alongside the recent explosion of right-wing activism and racial prejudice taking place in western democracies. Using sarcasm and irony as artistic tools, the storyboard lyrics skewer this point of view in imaginative and fun ways.

“My new track ‘To the Beat of a Civil War’ was written before the infamous January 6th Capital Riot, but this tragedy served as a great visual representation of the song. I decided to collect together a ‘greatest clips’ selection of this warped event to use as the backdrop in the lyric video and it became a perfect compliment to the pummeling guitar riffs and spiteful words.”

The video ‘To the Beat of a Civil War’ is the first glimpse at the brand new album Dan Potter Sings has been recording over the past year.  This new album titled ‘Again?!’ will be released on June 11th 2021 and has ten previously unheard songs on it.  I would appreciate the support for this lyric video release (video premiere, news share, streaming playlist add etc.) and I will share any press across social media.

Check out the video for ‘To The Beat Of A Civil War’ below.

Sertraline Share New Video For ‘2205’

UK quintet Sertraline have shared a video for ‘2205’, a track off the band’s ‘Clouded Minds & Silver Lines’ EP.

The song acts as a memorial single for the tragic bombing that happened at Manchester Arena on May 17th 2017. Vocalist Lizzy Parry was present at the Ariana Grande show when the bombing took place, with this single being her way of processing what she saw, along with providing a message of hope.

This is what the band had to say about the song.

“In May 2017, Lizzie attended the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena and witnessed the horrific events that unfolded. There had been some lyric ideas floating around for a while, but it took a couple of years for the right music to match. It would be easy to focus on the negatives of the experience, but ‘2205’ aims to be empowering, motivating, and about finding your inner strength.”

Check out the video below.

VEXED Drop New Track, ‘Fake’

UK hitters VEXED have released a new track called ‘Fake’, which is the final release ahead of their debut album ‘Culling Culture’ which will release this later this week.

The band say on the track:

“Being a victim of gaslighting is like mental torture. Losing touch with reality, yourself, your friends and family is all the control they want. ‘Fake’ is a brutally heavy and unforgiving track that is dedicated to all gaslighters out there. We see you. You have been warned.”

You can check out ‘Fake’ and its accompanying video below.

The band’s debut album, ‘Culling Culture’, is out on May 21st 2021 via Napalm Records.

Pre-orders for the record can be made from the label’s webstore.

Eagles Of Death Metal Confirm UK Tour for November / December 2021

Eagles Of Death Metal have confirmed a headline UK tour this November and December to celebrate their 24th anniversary.

Bones UK will be the support for the tour..

You can find all of their forthcoming UK tour dates listed below.

NOVEMBER 28 – BELFAST, Limelight
NOVEMBER 29 – GLASGOW, SWG3 Galzanisers
DECEMBER 01 – LEEDS, Beckett University
DECEMBER 02 – LONDON, Roundhouse

Tickets for the UK tour are on sale now via the following link.

Don Mai Releases New single, ‘Caught Up’

Singer-Songwriter Don Mai is back with his new single ‘Caught Up’. Influenced by the likes of Juice Wrld and Ed Sheeran, Don’s personal style of songwriting see’s him open up about his emotions and feelings, relying on a song’s natural writing flow and feel to determine its sound rather than being constrained by genre.

‘Caught Up’ see’s Don bring together acoustic guitar, atmospheric synths and electronic beats to create his own pop fueled singer-songwriter sound. Don’s breathy vocals help elevate the track with catchy vocal lines laced with emotion, hammering home the melancholic nature of the single.

Speaking on ‘Caught Up’, Don Said: 

“Caught Up is about the feeling you get when no matter what you do, no matter what happens between you and this other person. You’ll always have a soft spot for them. I wrote this song because even though I’ve tried to move on from this one girl, I just haven’t been able to. It’s been 3 years and instead of fighting my feelings I just thought I’d accept it instead and that it’s ok to have feelings for someone even if they don’t reciprocate it.”

‘Caught Up’ retains an essence of modern pop whilst also capturing a homegrown, fresh element to his sound. 

Starting off as a classical pianist, Don soon moved onto learning acoustic guitar and learning to sing before discovering his love for Pop music and beginning to write his own songs. Having studied music performance at university, he decided that music was more than just a hobby and began to release his music for the world to hear! With rave reviews from the likes of Obscure Sound and AAA Backstage already under his belt, Don Mai is releasing a flurry of new material this year starting with ‘Caught Up’ which is out now. 

Check out ‘Caught Up’ below.

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