Single Review – Dawn Chorus – ‘Modern Being’

Dawn Chorus are an atmospheric indie rock trio out of Salt Lake City, UT. With an energetic life of its own, their upcoming single ‘Modern Being’ radiates a sunny disposition, taking the listener on a journey through an array of instrumentation with a psychedelic vibe. Musically coming together the day Trump was defeated in the presidential election, it’s no wonder the tune has such an uplifting feel!

Utilising their passion for different genres and styles, Dawn Chorus incorporate everything from acoustic guitar to cello, flute, organ and synthesisers on the new track. Every instrument and track was performed by Dawn Chorus and entirely self-produced, composed, arranged, engineered and was even mixed within one of the members’ apartment. The DIY attitude of Dawn Chorus gives them an authenticity that shines through both musically and lyrically.

Dawn Chorus on the meaning behind the track:

It’s about disillusionment with modern life and technology’s effect on interpersonal relationships. Lyrically, this song was inspired by a mushroom trip in Colorado. Musically, the core of this song came together the day Trump was defeated (thank god) as such, it has a celebratory feel. Harmonically, it was inspired by Brian

Wilson’s more daring Harmonic arrangements / harmonic language of Jazz. We were striving to capture that classic 60s / Beatles psychedelic feel with a modern flare /extra dose of harmony.

Having played music together in some capacity for roughly 7 years, Dawn Chorus started writing and recording in earnest with their current lineup in 2018. Priding themselves on their collaborative effort, the trio try to span the multitude of genres that influence them.

‘Modern Being’ follows their November 2020 single ‘Diamond Dust’. Last year the band enjoyed breakthrough success with their track ‘Origami Heart’, which reached 50k+ streams on Spotify over the course of a few months and was playlisted internationally. The single also achieved local coverage by SLUG Magazine and Salt Lake City weekly for the band.

Dawn Chorus is comprised of: William Fait – Guitar, Keys, Vox; Christian Sudweeks – Bass, keys, drums, vox, mixing; and Christopher Weed – Lead Vox, Keys, Drums.

The track starts off quite unconventional as if it was a big band but that’s more of the Jazz influence coming into play. After this, it moves straight into an older indie and more of the 60’s territory which is really quite appealing to the ear. It’s a complete throwback which we may just need right now.


Check out ‘Modern Being’ below.

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