Singer- Songwriter Dan Potter Sings is getting ready to release a new album titled ‘Again?!’.

Dan Potter is gearing up to release the upcoming record, ‘Again?!’.

The ten track effort traverse the genre spectrum displaying elements of black metal and pop-rock. Leading up to the release date, he has released a lyric video for the track ‘To the Beat of a Civil War’.

Check it out below.

“After a six year break from releasing full-length albums I am back with a ten song LP that was assembled from an epic burst of inspiration in early 2020. I wanted to add even more dimensions to the Dan Potter Sings chimera by incorporating vastly different musical approaches then I have in the past. So I wrote ten songs in ten days under this creative decree and what I came up with was some of the most genre defying music I’ve ever heard.  Marrying together polar opposites has always been my artistic goal but now I have added even more granules of sonic extremity to the mix for even more craziness. Every style of music I listen to plays a part whether its complex techno patterns alongside jazzy guitar, full on punk rock blitzkriegs that feed into chill pop ballads or emo-girl pop that explodes into black metal screaming rages, ‘Again?!’ is the real me.”

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