EP Review – Drug Church – TAWNY

Everyone’s favourite punk rock agitators, Drug Church, have returned. The band have released Tawny: a new four-song EP due out June 25th from Pure Noise Records that acts as a bridge from their 2018 LP, Cheer, to Drug Church‘s impending fourth full-length. Cheer was acclaimed by both fans and critics alike (including praise from the likes of StereogumNoiseyRevolverBrooklynVegan, and more), and with Tawny the band push their blend of hardcore aggression and massive, ’90s-indebted hooks even further.

The tittle track ‘Tawny’ showcased guitars and pummeling drums with an anthemic climax that hints at the band’s ever-expanding songwriting toolbox. Never one to flinch at the darker corners of the human condition, vocalist Patrick Kindlon’s lyrics remain as vitriolic as ever. “People are so happy to not be in the guillotine, they’ll cheer at anyone else’s execution,” he says. “I’ve about had it with that.”

Tawny is comprised of Drug Church‘s crushing 2020 single “Bliss Out,” a cover of Arcwelder’s “Remember To Forget,” and two brand new songs, “Tawny” and “Head-Off,” which feature some of the band’s most dynamic songwriting to date. The tracks build on the most melodic moments of Cheer without losing any of the bite and energy that has made Drug Church so appealing to fans of heavy and catchy music alike. “Head-Off” opens the EP and immediately makes it clear that the band aren’t content to rest on their laurels. The song begins with a driving beat from drummer Chris Villeneuve while guitarists Nick Cogan and Cory Galusha weave unexpectedly shimmering guitar lines overtop of Pat Wynne’s propulsive bass; even Kindlon’s customary roar has taken a turn, with layered vocals and the singer’s cadences at their most instantly hooky. All of these melodic moments only serve to make Drug Church‘s sound even more combustable, and “Head-Off” and “Tawny” both erupt into immensely satisfying blasts of powerhouse guitars and Kindlon’s sardonic bark.

The EP closes with Drug Church‘s taut rendition of the Arcwelder song “Remember To Forget,” which again highlights the band’s growing melodicism while also nodding to their willingness to carry the torch for stubbornly outsider guitar music. “You don’t need to be the world’s best band to write a perfect song,” Kindlon says. “Arcwelder are guys who like playing guitar music. They had some small success at it. Still, this song has been in my head for a long time. And that’s a type of success that doesn’t get measured. We’re all gonna be erased when the sun expands. Chasing fame makes you dumber than you are.”
Tawny is just the beginning of the surprises Drug Church have up their sleeve, and luckily, with LP4 coming soon, listeners won’t have to wait long to hear more. 

Starting off with the track ‘Head-off’, it’s a brilliant start where the melody is brought right into the mix, albeit something a little tame, especially considering what you hear on the next track in the title track ‘TAWNY’, which is just amped up by 1000x to give you something raw from the deepest part of Drug Church’s souls.

Bliss out does anything but, it’s more of an interlude but heavy and heartfelt with a lovely rhythm to go right alongside this stunning EP.

This closing cover track from the outset is something massively different to start with. It’s more soulful than anything to which then rips into this stunning melody as if an angel appears to you, fitting as some of the lyrics which touch on this deal with belief.. There’s no denying it, the cover is stunning.

Overall, my thoughts are if that this is what Drug Church are capable of producing with an EP, then I have complete faith that their next record will be a smash, an all out assault is what it will be.


Orders for ‘Tawny’ can be made via the following link.

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Album Review – Belle Morte – Crime Of Passion

Let’s take a look at this one shall we?

Starting the record off with’ Overture’, there’s some very delightfully creepy overtones on what sounds like a cello with fantastic added instrumentals to make you feel as if you’re transported back to a period film but on a much more grand scale of which can’t be diminished at all.

This is then taken to the extreme right from the beginning of ‘Who Are You’ with the pulsating hooks from the guitar that leads into the haunting vocals on display. There’s a mix of influence where I can hear possibly a little Babymetal if I’m being honest (but unlikely). it just leads to an epic finale you want to continue which does as you move into ‘If Only You Knew’. From the very start, it’s as if you’re taken into a live show which delivers so much more than a live setting could.

Getting into the meat of the record, the haunting nature of the songwriting excels with the added the piano and every instrument Belle Morte have in their arsenal to deliver a powerhouse of a symphony. This record just gets more magnificent with every track that your ears devour.

I’m in the middle with this in my thoughts for the record. On one hand tracks such as ‘Beauty And The Beast’ fit perfectly if it was the instrumentals for a film and a live setting. There’s a fusion of both here to give such energetic tracks you need to listen to.

Another descriptor is genre bending for this record because the way it sets up tracks in the production is intoxicating. On one hand, you think it’s going more into a dance track but that is all a complete red herring for ‘My Little Demon’ where it takes a left turn and adds that extra ingredient which is missing from most modern records. .

Fans of more instrumental rock will cheer and devour this massive anthem record down to it’s bare roots of what make the record so grand. Fans of Belle More will be happy with this output and even people who aren’t fans, or weren’t fans before, will resonate with this release.

Rating: 3/5.

Album Review – Tigercub – As Blue As Indigo

Back in 2018 the Brighton-based three piece were on the crest of a wave. As well as regular plays on daytime Radio 1 and a Rockest Record from the Radio 1 Rock Show, years of near non-stop touring had seen them sell out The Scala and play a triumphant hometown show at The Concorde 2. On their last EP, Evolve Or Die, they’d pushed the live-wired sound of their 2016 debut, Abstract Figures In The Dark, massively broadening their sonic palette and delivering Tigercub’s pile-driving guitar gut-punch within an intense digital static.

It seemed like a good place to put things on pause for a bit and in the downtime the band’s lead songwriter and frontman Jamie Hall started tinkering with his own brand of gonzoid psych-pop under the name Nancy. Intended only as a DIY experiment, the project massively took off. Nancy was Hype Machine’s most blogged artist, Hall bagged two record deals and played a string of dates around the world. Not bad for something he’d done in his bedroom chiefly to keep his songwriting chops up. Enough to keep you busy you’d think, but Hall was itching to get back to the day job, determined to use all he’d learned from the solo project to further Tigercub on their return. And what a return it is. 

Jamie, who stands 7 foot tall and is the band’s sole songwriter, claims the creative fire for “As Blue As Indigo” was sparked by colour theory and the notion that what each human eye sees as colour could be totally subjective. That idea led him to explore his own personal issues through a similar prism, exploring topics including anxiety, depression, toxic masculinity, the death of his grandmother and the recent suicide of a close friend; and in turn began spinning the lyrical thread that ties the entire record together. 

“As Blue As Indigo” is as colourful a journey as the vivid title suggests, its ten tracks span the progressive to the immediate, the gentle to the monolithic, and most of all fulfill the significant potential the band have always promised. “As Blue As Indigo” is an album that looks set to cement their place at the top table of British rock acts in 2021.

So shall we dive into the record?

A very soft opening almost as if it was a lullaby for adults, it’s quite a underwhelming first minute or so on this title track but from there things just drop and everything turns up to the more grand spectacle the band we were hoping for from the opening.

Shifting genre in the second track, ‘Sleepwalker’, this just moves into a slow grunge approach so immediately the record feels a little structurally off but if there’s one saving grace so far, it’s how perfectly the bass moulds in with the drums to carry some emotion through the first few minutes.

Now, I’m still on the fence with with this record because there’s a bit more groove in this track which is acceptable but, there’s a larger step taken in risks where it’s hard to tell if anything is paying off but for the moment I do want to say yes, possibly?

Shifting more further into the record and getting back into the groove and it being coherent with it’s strucutre, ‘Built To Fall’ just instantly feels very out place by the time it’s at the tracks final third as it starts to move back to the heavier grunge aspect which made the record appealing in the first place. This continues to be a trend for most of the record in ‘Shame’ which right at the very end in what I’m assuming is some feedback occurs, it makes it a little less professional.

‘As Long As You’re Next To Me’ is probably the best since the second or third track but still feels out of touch when talking about the record as a whole. I’m just unsure of what to make of because it’s in a. perpetual state of changing rhythm and genre. Closing with ‘In The Autumn Of My Years’, this is the record’s saving grace because it ends on a somewhat decent effort by the band but is lost in the sea of identity.

In conclusion, ‘As Blue As Indigo’ feels as if it was two records being produced and recorded at the same time where there’s a some merit to the heavier aspects of the release but there’s no real identity to what’s been made.

Rating: 1.5/5.

Check out the full record below.

Single Review – Macy – Rainbow Eyes

 Wales’ rising pop sensation MACY has announced her brand new upbeat pop banger Rainbow Eyes which is out NOW on all major streaming/download platforms.

Arriving just in time for Summer, Rainbow Eyes is laced with MACY’s signature sugar-sweet vocals sprinkled over a funky, majestic and upbeat production. The fun and energetic track, is the perfect soundtrack to your Summer BBQ or Hot Tub party as the sun goes down and the music turns up. Lyrically she raises her game yet again, to create playful and suggestive verses with lines such as “You’re like a bad addiction with good intentions” and a super-catchy chorus. The rising pop starlet remains tight lipped about the origins of the song, “I’ve been asked a lot if this was written with Pride Month in mind, or about the huge number of rainbows we’ve seen during lockdown. I don’t want to spoil someone’s perception of the song and I love that people have interpreted the lyrics in their own way.” 

Grammy Award nominated producer LVR (John Legend) takes the reigns once again on the production and co-writes the track. “This song was an incredible amount of fun to create! I think you’ll be able to hear that in the track. I’ve worked with LVR for a long time and we’ve been collaborating over Zoom this past year. He’s absolutely amazing to work with, I can’t praise him enough” 

The video was shot by Samuel Edwards in Abertillery Local Community Hall over 3 days. “The inspiration was to bring some 80/90’s vibes back, like you’d see on old Nickelodeon shows and make it a fun, fast moving and colourful video. It was an absolute joy to make, especially as we had tonnes of balloons, cocktails and lollipops. It’s so vibrant and me and my band really enjoyed the shoot.” 

Hailing from the South Wales Valleys, MACY has always had a love for music. Since the age of 11, MACY quietly honed and developed her Dream Pop/Contemporary R&B music. In 2019/20, MACY was one of 10 artists selected for the PRS Foundation backed artist development scheme: Forté Project, whilst on the project she performed at FOCUS Wales, Sŵn Festival and HUB festival in her breakthrough year. 2020 she received support from the BBC’s Launchpad scheme for artists and gained airplay on BBC Introducing, BBC Radio Wales A-list and Amazing Radio for her releases ‘Cinema’ which was co-written with Violet Skies (Mabel/Tiesto), ‘Smoking Gun’ and ‘Obvious’. ‘Smoking Gun’ was also added to Spotify’s EASY Playlist (379k). She continued 2021 brightly with funding from Help Musicians UK and her 4th single ‘Wait’. In total all four singles have amassed over 320,000 streams on Spotify. 

Check out the video for ‘Rainbow Eyes’ below.

Upbeat and easy on the ear, Macy creates not only an aura of energy which really quite infectious but also a track to leave you transcendent and relaxed as if you’re in a persistent state of emotion. One of the the more exciting pop centric tracks that’s been sent my way, the production plays off as your usual run of the mill pop, but is so much better than most out there. Macy is one of the most exciting acts coming out of the country right now.

Rating: 4/5.

Check out ‘Rainbow Eyes’ below.

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Nana M. Rose Releases Debut EP, ‘Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds’

Rotterdam-based singer-songwriter Nana M. Rose writes beautiful, intimate piano ballads, carried by her incredible, larger-than-life voice. Her songs are reminiscent of Adele’s stirring style and have a dreamy, cinematic flair evocative of Lana del Rey. Nana’s delicate, poetic lyrics explore the meaning of human connection in an ultra-competitive, individualistic world. As a child, Nana started playing the violin, the classical influence of which is still reflected in her carefully crafted melodies and arrangements. In combination with later inspirations like Lianne la Havas and Matt Corby, a unique pop-sound steeped in melancholy and weltschmerz has been born. 

Her long-anticipated debut EP Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds, presents a truly riveting body of work that showcases her incredible talent as both a songwriter and vocal performer in all its facets and glory. Skillfully bridging the gap between ethereal indie folk and big and bold pop ballads, Nana has created relatable anthems for the masses. 

The EP embodies the two sides of extreme emotion that she explores throughout her songs, from dark despair to being on top of the world. Nana confides, ”The contradictions really portray the duality of feelings for me. While writing this EP I went through my own journey of self reinvention, and this search contained a lot of contrasting feelings that confused me.” 

The poppy indie number “4AM” encapsulates the feeling of wanting to be out and dancing – a feeling that everyone can relate to during those long months of lockdown. “Imagine closing your eyes and remembering a person you miss, wishing they were with you in that moment. To me, the song is filled with this urge to be free again, to connect with other people on the dancefloor again.” 

“Dream”, is a gorgeous ballad about parental love and makes the singer’s voice shine yet again. Nana reveals, “My parents have been the most dedicated parents I could have wished for and I love them so much, so this is kind of a love song from me for them.”

Nana has built a dedicated fanbase across the globe, having toured the UK, New York and The Netherlands. She was nominated for the 2020 Rotterdam ‘Song of the Year’ award and received airplay from notable stations in both the UK and on leading Dutch radio flagships. It has just been announced that Nana has been selected for this year’s ‘Popronde’, a prestigious showcase festival with various shows all across the Netherlands between September and November this year.

Check out the EP, ‘Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds’ below.

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Rowdy Outsider Releases New Single, ‘Fall Away’

Rowdy Outsider are an alternative band from Drogheda, Ireland. Consisting of vocalist Matthew Doyle, drummer Sean Murtagh and guitarist Conor Whearty, the band draw from the pop punk/new wave sounds of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, fusing them together with a fresh and modern delivery. 

Bonding over their love of music at school, the band found inspiration in the flourishing music scene in Ireland, as well as the likes of Green Day, My Chemical Romance and The 1975. Gigging relentlessly across their home country, the band have built a loyal and dedicated following, making a name for their explosive yet polished live performances. 

Their latest single “Fall Away” is inspired by the dissolution of a long-term relationship and the realisation of the huge change to follow the breakup. Doyle explains, “While on the surface the song is a sombre ballad, Fall Away brings undertones of relief, hope and excitement for the future”. Forging a heavier take on modern indie rock, the song is a release of emotions, delivered in an honest and candid way. Lyrically the song details the process of the breakup, giving us a raw insight into the mindset of the songwriter and an unfiltered viewpoint. The lyrics display an initial broken heart, quickly followed by clarity and the need for personal improvement. 

“Fall Away” has a bold, energised burn to it. Self-produced, mixed and mastered by Doyle and Murtagh, the track combines fast tempos, lush reverbs and strong chord changes, containing waves of intensity, contrasting with the intimate narrative. 

Racking up thousands of Spotify streams for their music, as well as supporting the likes of Irish rock legends Aslan, Rowdy Outsider are quickly becoming one of Ireland’s hottest bands. 

Check out ‘Fall Away’ below.

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Upbeat Multi-Platinum DJ Felix Cartal Releases ‘The Life ft. Fjord’ Announces Expensive Sounds For Nice People LP

Platinum producer Felix Cartal has released his latest single, ‘The Life ft. Fjord’ on the 18th of June. The single is the last to be shared before his upcoming album, Expensive Sounds For Nice People, slated for release on the 25th of June via Physical Presents. Also taken from the album are ‘Mine’ with Sophie Simmons, and ‘Love Me’ (which are both certified platinum in Canada) with ‘Love Me’ (featuring the singer LIGHTS) also winning the Dance Recording of the Year at the Junos 2020. His previous single, ‘Get What You Give’ featured the talented vocals of Fjord and also reached platinum while Felix’s single, ‘Happy Hour’ with Kiiara was featured on 32 Spotify New Music Friday playlists as well as Billboard’s Best New Dance Tracks. Other remarkable tracks on the album include ‘Only One’ with the hit UK singer-songwriter Karen Harding and ‘My Last Song’ with the rebellious Norwegian songstress Hanne Mjøen. Along with those already released singles, Felix shares the remaining track listing and reveals the album art below.

Fjord have received significant support from the likes of Earmilk, FADER, NME and This Song Is Sick to name a few, and were featured artists to watch by Apple Music, Spotify and Buzzfeed. The two have previously worked with the acclaimed producer Tim Bran (whose other associations include London Grammar, Paul McCartney and Bloc Party) and have collected nearly 20 million times on Spotify alone.

Speaking of the single, Fjord tell us, “When we received the demo from Felix, it was an instant crush! We knew we were about to have loads of fun working on this tune. The songwriting was refreshing and the production was already mind-blowing.”

Felix Cartal has collaborated with several major artists such as Kaskade, R3HAB, Gallant has also created official remixes for the likes of Selena Gomez, Zedd, Galantis, Dillon Francis, , Ellie Goulding, Diplo, Anne-Marie & Doja Cat as well as Daya & Shallou’s ‘Older’. Vancouver-based Felix Cartal has been featured by major Youtube channels Trap Nation, MrSuicideSheep, MrRevillz, Chill Nation, The Vibe Guide, Selected, xKito amongst others, and has earned over 360 million plays across platforms. He has also seen support from BBC Radio 1’s Danny Howard and Diplo & Friends and SiriusXM Chill has also heavily supported several singles, while his Weekend Workout radio show is also featured on SiriusXM Diplo’s Revolution. His sound can be compared to those of the industry greats of Avicii, Kygo and Calvin Harris.

‘The Life’ bounces along on a sunshine vibe and grin-inducing breakdown. But analyse the lyrics and things aren’t quite what they seem. Its pivotal line – ‘I used to believe that life was just a breeze/But the highs and low set me free’ – is a commentary on the superficiality of social media”, says Felix. “If people also share life’s ‘misses’ once in a while, I feel like we’d all have a better shot at living confidently,” he explains.

Felix Cartal tells us about the creation and inspiration for the single: “’The Life’ was one of the first instrumentals I wrote for my album, Expensive Sounds For Nice People. I’m obsessive with vocal chops and will spend days getting them to feel as emotive as a vocal. Once I started writing the lyrics in Oslo with Iselin, Erik and Kris, we reverse-engineered some of the vowel sounds because one of them sounded like the word ‘The Life.’ I loved the grandiosity of that concept, but I wanted to make it feel honest and authentic. And I think over the years with the increase in social media, we’re often guilty of viewing others’ highlight reels as the only way to be happy, but letting go of that perception will give you much greater peace of mind. Hardships are inevitable, things aren’t always fair, and we need to just learn from them and push through. That’s what the line “the highs & lows woke me up” symbolizes. Fjord’s vocals on this track really took it to this unique place that gives the song a hopeful melodrama, and I’m so happy to collaborate with them again after the beautiful performance they did on my rework of ‘Get What You Give’ from 2017.

Check out ‘The Life ft. Fjord’ below.

Don Mai Releases New Single, ‘Better’

Singer-Songwriter Don Mai is back with the new single ‘Better’. The follow up to ‘Caught Up’ which was released last month, Don once again puts his pop sensibilities on display. Influenced by the likes of Juice Wrld and Ed Sheeran, Don’s personal style of songwriting see’s him open up about his emotions and feelings whilst still retaining a catchy and accessible element to his music.

‘Better’ see’s Don bring together processed guitar, piano, atmospheric synths and electronic beats under his stylistic breathy vocals creating a moody pop soundscape. Elevating the track with the earworm chorus which hammers home the melancholic nature of the track, Don once again demonstrates his potential as an up and coming pop artist.

Starting off as a classical pianist, Don soon moved onto learning acoustic guitar and learning to sing before discovering his love for Pop music and beginning to write his own songs. Having studied music performance at university, he decided that music was more than just a hobby and began to release his music for the world to hear! With rave reviews from the likes of Music Crowns, Obscure Sound and AAA Backstage already under his belt, Don Mai’s new single ‘Better’ is released June 11th.

Check out ‘Better’ below.

Rising Melodic Techno Producer Gone Shares Live Video For ‘Saved’

Melodic techno producer and percussionist GONE has released his debut EP, SOURCES on the 28th of May via Enchanté Records. On the EP, listeners will find the ear-catching track, ‘SAVED’. The EP was composed, mixed and vocals provided by GONE while the mastering was done at London based studio Noize Music and has already received support from COMPLEX as well as UK radio Kiss FM with Justin Wilkes, and BBC Radio Cardiff’s Sian Eleri.

The French pianist and percussionist was born and is currently based in Paris, where he has been exposed to the vibrant and dynamic music scene that surrounds the city. Rich in complexity, SOURCES can be compared to the likes of Ben Bohmer, Jan Blomqvist and Stephan Bodzin.

Spamming across the web of multiple universes, GONE takes an elegant and refined approach to create the complex set of rhythmic patterns found within SOURCES. Dancing amongst genres and lightly acknowledging each, the EP stands as a testament to the synth-fuelled sounds and deep rolling basslines that drive many a listener into a vibrant haze. Organic fuelled electronica at its finest, SOURCES leaves the listener eager to hear more from the rising DJ.

The rising producer tells us about the unique project: “I am starting a musical adventure where I will project myself all over the world. Sharing my world with as many people as possible is an absolute dream. I am also preparing a dark scenography, intrinsically linked to the history of GONE. My music is an escape. In front of my speakers, I often try to create a parallel universe, beyond the foreground instruments and combining voice with music without one overriding the other.”

Check out the video for ‘Saved’ below.

Saskatoon’s Saintvicious New Single, ‘Stangehold’ Opens Up About Shutting Down From Anxiety

If there’s anything guaranteed in life beyond death and taxes, it’d be living through one-too-many panic attacks. Saskatoon hard rock band Saintvicious reflects on their personal experiences dealing with anxiety on their latest single, “Stranglehold”.

Supported by metalcore-inspired instrumentals and layered vocal delivery, the track’s visually dense lyrics personify anxiety as a separate entity that is given every sacrifice that it asks for, but it’s never enough.

“Some days it’s hard to want to leave your bed,” guitarist Ryan Kimmerly explains, “There are those times where you just think ‘What if-’ about every possible thing that could go wrong. And does it ever turn out to be this worst-case scenario that you’ve spent so much time hashing out? Usually not, but anxiety’s like that, right?”

Ryan continues, “By the time you get to whatever you’ve been obsessing over, you just end up looking for something wrong to prove those ideas in your mind right when really, it’s exactly that – it’s all in your head.”

Stranglehold” is available via your preferred streaming service.