French Punks Nightwatchers debut new song “1905 & The Muslim Exception”

Nightwatchers release the new single “1905 & The Muslim Exception” via Lövely Records. The first new music from the band since their 2019 debut album. “1905 & The Muslim Exception” is the first single leading up to the French melodic punk band’s upcoming sophomore album.

Nightwatchers are set to release a new album in autumn 2021. “Common Crusades” is the second full-length from the French punk band, and the musical and lyrical continuity of their 2019 thematic debut “La paix ou le sable”. Political lyrics dealing with the conflicts rooted in France‘s colonial-era clash with melodic, subversive, and gloomy soundscapes.

“Common Crusades” tackles the same issues that shaped Nightwatchers debut album “La paix ou le sable”, but from a different perspective. Both albums deal with events surrounding France‘s violent colonization and exploitation of its occurred territories. While the lyrics of “La paix ou le sable” is based on excerpts taken from two historical books and written with the objective of raising awareness of France‘s colonial violence, “Common Crusades” mainly focuses on the aftermath of these conflicts, and how the colonial era still affects modern-day France. In particular, its Muslim population.

The first single leading up to Nightwatchers new thematic album is called “1905 & The Muslim Exception”. The single is released on all streaming platforms on May 28, 2021 via Lövely.

Check out the track below.

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