Nightwish Release Fan-Demanded Shortened Edit Of ‘Music’

Fans asked for it and we heard them! One of Nightwish‘s most powerful tracks to date, ‘Music‘, has now been released digitally in a shortened version. ‘Music‘ is the opening track of last Nightwish‘s album “Human. :||: Nature“, which topped charts in several European countries and already counts more than a hundred million streams.

This release happened at a very exciting time for fans, one day before the band’s one-of-a-kind livestream event: “An Evening with Nightwish in a Virtual World” (May 28-29). Nightwish performed in a tavern called ”The Islanders Arms” built in a virtual world for two nights. Fans experienced an unforgettable 1.5-hour performance, hearing songs live off the latest album, Human. :II: Nature. for the first time ever.

Check out the Lyrics Video for ‘Music’ below.

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