Free Throw Release New Single, ‘Ocular Pat Down’

Free Throw are teasing their upcoming record with the new single, ‘Ocular Pat Down’.

Recorded with Will Yip, their fourth full-length ‘Piecing It Together’ is set for release on 25th June via Triple Crown Records. It’s already been preceded by a video for lead single ‘Cloud Sick’, and ‘Down & Out’ too.

“Ocular Pat Down is a song about people who can’t seem to put others before themselves, but will always be the first to get on a fake pedestal,” says drummer Kevin Garcia, “Throughout the last year, we saw so many venues, bars, etc that have felt like second homes to us on the road and at home, suffer immensely because of the pandemic. First to close, last to open, last to get the support. We wanted to highlight some of these places in the Ocular Pat Down video and bring some attention to a few killer venues that are still very much hurting or have had to close their doors for good.”

Check it out below.

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