Aryokal Release New Single Chrome Insignia

Aryokal is a Finnish band that creates esoteric electronic music. Antti Ruokola is responsible for the band’s compositions and soundscapes while Pekka Loponen handles the vocals. The band’s influences come on a large scale from bands / artists with a darker atmosphere. 

The new single, CHROME INSIGNIA, has an organic cold feel to it. The air is crisp and cold, yet you can feel the quietly falling snow to be warm. 

CHROME INSIGNIA is released today June 16, 2021 on all the major digital platforms. This single is the second release of Aryokal and the duo is set to concentrate their artistic efforts in creating more music going forward.

Check out the track below.

Check out the single via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Weezer.

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