Album Review – Belle Morte – Crime Of Passion

Let’s take a look at this one shall we?

Starting the record off with’ Overture’, there’s some very delightfully creepy overtones on what sounds like a cello with fantastic added instrumentals to make you feel as if you’re transported back to a period film but on a much more grand scale of which can’t be diminished at all.

This is then taken to the extreme right from the beginning of ‘Who Are You’ with the pulsating hooks from the guitar that leads into the haunting vocals on display. There’s a mix of influence where I can hear possibly a little Babymetal if I’m being honest (but unlikely). it just leads to an epic finale you want to continue which does as you move into ‘If Only You Knew’. From the very start, it’s as if you’re taken into a live show which delivers so much more than a live setting could.

Getting into the meat of the record, the haunting nature of the songwriting excels with the added the piano and every instrument Belle Morte have in their arsenal to deliver a powerhouse of a symphony. This record just gets more magnificent with every track that your ears devour.

I’m in the middle with this in my thoughts for the record. On one hand tracks such as ‘Beauty And The Beast’ fit perfectly if it was the instrumentals for a film and a live setting. There’s a fusion of both here to give such energetic tracks you need to listen to.

Another descriptor is genre bending for this record because the way it sets up tracks in the production is intoxicating. On one hand, you think it’s going more into a dance track but that is all a complete red herring for ‘My Little Demon’ where it takes a left turn and adds that extra ingredient which is missing from most modern records. .

Fans of more instrumental rock will cheer and devour this massive anthem record down to it’s bare roots of what make the record so grand. Fans of Belle More will be happy with this output and even people who aren’t fans, or weren’t fans before, will resonate with this release.

Rating: 3/5.

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