EP Review – Drug Church – TAWNY

Everyone’s favourite punk rock agitators, Drug Church, have returned. The band have released Tawny: a new four-song EP due out June 25th from Pure Noise Records that acts as a bridge from their 2018 LP, Cheer, to Drug Church‘s impending fourth full-length. Cheer was acclaimed by both fans and critics alike (including praise from the likes of StereogumNoiseyRevolverBrooklynVegan, and more), and with Tawny the band push their blend of hardcore aggression and massive, ’90s-indebted hooks even further.

The tittle track ‘Tawny’ showcased guitars and pummeling drums with an anthemic climax that hints at the band’s ever-expanding songwriting toolbox. Never one to flinch at the darker corners of the human condition, vocalist Patrick Kindlon’s lyrics remain as vitriolic as ever. “People are so happy to not be in the guillotine, they’ll cheer at anyone else’s execution,” he says. “I’ve about had it with that.”

Tawny is comprised of Drug Church‘s crushing 2020 single “Bliss Out,” a cover of Arcwelder’s “Remember To Forget,” and two brand new songs, “Tawny” and “Head-Off,” which feature some of the band’s most dynamic songwriting to date. The tracks build on the most melodic moments of Cheer without losing any of the bite and energy that has made Drug Church so appealing to fans of heavy and catchy music alike. “Head-Off” opens the EP and immediately makes it clear that the band aren’t content to rest on their laurels. The song begins with a driving beat from drummer Chris Villeneuve while guitarists Nick Cogan and Cory Galusha weave unexpectedly shimmering guitar lines overtop of Pat Wynne’s propulsive bass; even Kindlon’s customary roar has taken a turn, with layered vocals and the singer’s cadences at their most instantly hooky. All of these melodic moments only serve to make Drug Church‘s sound even more combustable, and “Head-Off” and “Tawny” both erupt into immensely satisfying blasts of powerhouse guitars and Kindlon’s sardonic bark.

The EP closes with Drug Church‘s taut rendition of the Arcwelder song “Remember To Forget,” which again highlights the band’s growing melodicism while also nodding to their willingness to carry the torch for stubbornly outsider guitar music. “You don’t need to be the world’s best band to write a perfect song,” Kindlon says. “Arcwelder are guys who like playing guitar music. They had some small success at it. Still, this song has been in my head for a long time. And that’s a type of success that doesn’t get measured. We’re all gonna be erased when the sun expands. Chasing fame makes you dumber than you are.”
Tawny is just the beginning of the surprises Drug Church have up their sleeve, and luckily, with LP4 coming soon, listeners won’t have to wait long to hear more. 

Starting off with the track ‘Head-off’, it’s a brilliant start where the melody is brought right into the mix, albeit something a little tame, especially considering what you hear on the next track in the title track ‘TAWNY’, which is just amped up by 1000x to give you something raw from the deepest part of Drug Church’s souls.

Bliss out does anything but, it’s more of an interlude but heavy and heartfelt with a lovely rhythm to go right alongside this stunning EP.

This closing cover track from the outset is something massively different to start with. It’s more soulful than anything to which then rips into this stunning melody as if an angel appears to you, fitting as some of the lyrics which touch on this deal with belief.. There’s no denying it, the cover is stunning.

Overall, my thoughts are if that this is what Drug Church are capable of producing with an EP, then I have complete faith that their next record will be a smash, an all out assault is what it will be.


Orders for ‘Tawny’ can be made via the following link.

Check out Drug Church via the following links:




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