Pink Elefants Release New Single / Video For ‘Sinderella’

A bombastic mix of hip-hop beats, breathy vocals, and melancholic pop melodies, “Sinderella” is another prime example of Pink Elefants genre-defying expertise. Lyrically, the song is a mediation of the importance of self-worth, self-love, and self-acceptance — “the song is about persevering through the obstacles that others put in front of you,” the duo say.

The music video is an absurdist-horror take on the themes explored in the song — And there’s A WARNING RIGHT NOW: it’s pretty gory in parts, but it’s an absolute fun cinematic visual if you’re into horror films

Previously performing in the rock/metal band Megosh, musicians and long-time friends Finch and Illeven created Pink Elefants as an outlet to explore other dimensions of their musicality. The band name was inspired by the “Pink Elephants on Parade” sequence from Disney’s ‘Dumbo.’ Much like the transformation of the elephants in that scene, the band’s ethos is to be ever-evolving with their sound and the world around them. Since debuting the project in 2019, Pink Elefants have racked up over 1M+ streams across DSPs and support from Alternative Press, idobi Radio, and more.

Check out the video below or you can stream it via the following link.

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Jinjer Reaches Aggressive New Levels with Second Single + Music Video “Mediator”

The announcement of the brand new JINJER record, Wallflowers, out August 27 via Napalm Records, has not only caused immediate ripples around the world and delighted international reviewers and fans alike, but the band’s first single, “Vortex”, has already gained 2.5 million cross-platform streams/views in no time.
Continuing their unstoppable way to the top, the band has just released their head-splitting second single “Mediator” and a brand-new crushing music video. The second track cut from the new album demonstrates once again that their unique sonic vision combined with visual attitude is more than peerless. Frenetic drumming combined with technically adept, fast firing bass and guitar attacks, merging with the unmatched mix of Tatiana Shmayluk’s clear vocals, pungent rap-like passages and ferocious growling. The track’s high-quality audiovisual bombardment draws the viewer into the spell of the progressive spectacle and constructs the visual antithesis of the postmodern utopia thematized within the track.
JINJER on the tone of the new single:
“With years getting older, we often realize that the world around us is far from what we expected it to be. Through the eyes of a kid everything seemed way more colorful, better and optimistic, didn’t it? When did it all turn wrong? When did it all turn so gray? Is this really the world’s fault? Or it is only about us chasing the wrong goals… the wrong careers, ambitions and achievements, rather than embracing one important truth… Rephrasing John Lennon, if one chases something else other than happiness, then they didn’t understand life at all …”

Already regarded as one of the most anticipated metal albums of the year, with WallflowersJINJER once again prove their exceptional knack for mixing groove, prog, alternative and experimental influences to create a sound unlike anything that has ever come before it.

Eugene Abdukhanov on the new album:         
“Growing creatively has always been a major goal for us. The day JINJER stops reaching for new musical horizons will be our last day as a band. We could have churned out what our peers expected us to do, or produce ‘Pisces’ clones without end, but we’ve never done that and we never will. Instead, we wrote an album whose level of emotions range from the fiercest aggression we’ve ever had, to the most intricate melodies and melancholic vibes you could ever get from our music. We decided to rip apart all possible stylistic boundaries without regard to financial success or competing with our previous albums. Wallflowers is a different kind of album musically and visually. It’s about our identity as a band, as individuals and a clear statement that we are different from most artists… and that it is OK to do your own thing.”

Check out the Tracklisting, Cover Art and more for ‘Wallflowers’ below.

1          Call Me a Symbol
2          Colossus
3          Vortex
4          Disclosure!
5          Copycat
6          Pearls and Swine
7          Sleep of the Righteous
8          Wallflower
9          Dead Hands Feel No Pain
10        As I Boil Ice
11        Mediator

Pre-orders are available for Wallflowers via the following link.

Black Peaks Have Broken Up

UK four piece Black Peaks have regrettably announced they’ve called it a day and ended the band.

They shared the news in a statement published via their social channels, citing that they “have reached a point where we don’t feel we can continue in a way that is healthy for us.”

You can read the full statement below.

“The time has come to bring Black Peaks to its close. Over the past 4 years, we have dealt with some incredibly hard and demanding situations which we have done our absolute best to work through. Unfortunately, we have reached a point where we don’t feel we can continue in a way that is healthy for us.

To you, our fans, friends, and family. Thank you for being the greatest support network we could’ve ever hoped for. We have achieved things that we never thought would be possible when we began this journey. So, for supporting our vision, we owe you our utmost gratitude.

A special thank you to our team, who we believe to be some of the best in business. It has been our pleasure to learn from and grow with these wonderful humans over the last 10 years and we couldn’t have done it without them.

All our love,
Joe, Liam, Will & Dave.”

Black Peaks formed in 2012 initially under the name of Shrine and then changed their name after the release of their debut EP, ‘Closer To The Sun’ in 2014.

They then went on to release two full length records, ‘Statues’ (2016) and ‘All that Divides’ (2018) where they performed a livestream which released as a live record, ‘Live At The Brighton Centre’ earlier in 2021.

Blood Youth & Cane Hill Confirm UK Tour For 2022

Blood Youth & Cane Hill have confirmed the details of an upcoming co-headlining UK tour set for February 2022.

Diamond construct will be the support for the tour.

Check out all the dates below.

February 2022

21st – G2, Glasgow

22nd – Rebellion, Manchester

23rd – Key Club, Leeds

24th – The Underworld, London

25th – The Joiners, Southampton

26th – The Exchange, Bristol

27th – Mama Roux’s, Birmingham

All Time Low Debut New Track, ‘PMA’ Feat Pale Waves

Pop Rock heroes All Time Low have dropped a new single, ‘PMA’ (Post Modern Anxiety) which also features from British band Pale Waves

Alex Gaskarth said the following:

“‘PMA’ is a journey into isolation and overstimulation. It’s about the little mundane things we do to keep ourselves distracted when loneliness becomes a constant and leaves us feeling apathetic. It’s existential dread wrapped in nervous laughter kissed by the SoCal sun. Heather and Pale Waves joining us on this one quite literally brings the hopeful shine to the lyrics, the promise of safety in the shared experience, the understanding we’re all living it together.”

Check out the studio version of the track below.

Pvris Release New Track, ‘Monster’

Pvris have dropped a new track, ‘Monster’, the first offering since the release of their 2020 record, ‘Use Me’.

“‘Monster’ is a song about reckoning with outside opinions and expectations put upon oneself. It can be easy to take on the weight of negative situations/opinions, this is about the struggle of releasing those inhibitions and internalizations and returning back to yourself.”

You can stream and listen to ‘Monster’ below.

Employed To Serve Drop New Track, ‘Mark Of The Grave.

UK heavy hitters Employed To Serve have dropped a new track called ‘Mark Of The Grave’, the second from their upcoming fourth album, ‘Conquering’.

Vocalist Justine Jones had this to say of the track.

“This song is about people who’d rather put other people down, instead of getting on with their own lives. When writing this song we wanted to try our hand at writing a positive metal anthem for people to blast when they’re having a shitty day. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we had fun recording and writing it! Stay kind.”

You can stream and listen to ‘Mark Of The Grave’ below.

The bands upcoming fourth record, ‘Conquering’ is set to be released on September 17th 2021 via Spinefarm Records.

Pre-Orders for the record can be made via the band’s official Webstore and Bandcamp.

Hot Milk Drop New Single, ‘I Think I Hate Myself’

British Pop-Rock band Hot Milk have dropped a new single, ‘I Think I Hate Myself’, the second track off their upcoming EP, ‘I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I’m Dead’.

Check out ‘I Think I Hate Myself’ below

The band’s second EP, ‘I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I’m Dead’, is out on September 10th 2021 via Music For Nations.

Pre-orders for the EP can be made via their official Webstore.

EP Review – Slowmove – Haven

Allow me to introduce you to Slowmove. No it’s not another Band Interview Of The Day post, this is a new EP you have to get listening to. Influenced by Pixes, Weezer, Tigers Jaw and more, the members have all been part of various bands over the years but now they wanted to concentrate and contribute on a different genre they all love.

Recorded intermittently over the last year, the band have dropped the EP which is available to listen to right now.

In addition, both music videos they have released were filmed by members of the band David and Kat who make up Dai Tan Films.

Now going into the EP, we’re kicking things off with Behind Closed Doors. Now this track does exactly what it says on the tin where the progression of the track moves past what you think you’ll expect from the band right from the very start where the vocal harmonisation mixes better than your average track to great appeal.

Now taking a slightly different approach for ‘Here And Now’, this is a slightly slower paced than the rest of the EP but is reminiscent of Milk Teeth’s ‘Swear Jar’ in a way, at least that’s the way I hear things. Persistently here though, it’s a very notable earworm that’ll you’ll want to come back to again and again.

With the penultimate track, this is a very different approach to most bands where it is just an instrumental track. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good change of pace to most tracks where you can truly hear everything that’s going and so that the band can get to grips with a whole lot more without being dragged down and when they do play this live, I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun for the crowd to watch.

Lastly we have Haven.The title track lives up to the expectation which has been set. While most title tracks currently disappoint, this one doesn’t because of the added layer of the psychedelic rock nature with a sprinkle of the gothic nature to make the track stand out just that much more.

haven – the title track lives up to the expectation that it’s set. while out title track currently disappoint, there’s an added layer of the psychedelic and a little gothic rock nature to it that makes the track just stand out that much more

Overall, what’s been produced here is above the norm for bands on their first release (where the members have learned from their past projects) and there’s a definite impact that it will have, especially with the gigs to be had in the near future but I can’t help but feel the EP is missing just a little substance help elevate the overall feel of the body of work as a whole. On the other hand, this is damn fun to listen to.


Be sure to check out the Music Videos for ‘Here And Now’ and ‘Haven’ below and listen to the EP via Spotify.

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Ronx Releases New Track, ‘Good Vibes’

Have you ever felt like you just needed an escape from all the negativity and various stressorsin your life? Ronx aims to provide that positivity with their latest track, titled “Good Vibes.”

“Good Vibes is about wanting to escape poverty, drama and even the demons in your head. We understand how stressful and depressing it is having so many roadblocks and hardships come your way while trying to build a stable, blissful life,” the band reveals about the song, “We just want to give a big F.U to all that negative energy and just have good vibes, living life to the fullest like each day is our last.”

As the title suggests, the lyrics discuss trying to remain positive and focus on the positive whilst dealing with unfortunate situations. The song shows Ronx going in a new direction with their music, highlighting influences of pop and pop rock and straying away a bit from the pop-punk sound of their older material.

Check out ‘Good Vibes’ below.

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