French Punks Nightwatchers Release ‘White Fathers’ Single

Following the release of 2019’s conceptual album ”La Paix Ou Le Sable”, French melodic punk outfit Nightwatchers are back. The band just launched the new single ”White Fathers” a track criticizing the French state for its exploitation of occupied territories during France’s colonial era.

”White Fathers” tackles France’s colonisation of Algeria, and the French state’s attempts of Christianizing the region to -as citing from the track- ”Make the Algerian land the cradle of a Christian nation, make it great and generous, In a word, another France.”

Julien Virgos from the band further explains the lyrics:

“Cardinal Charles Lavigerie, founding member of the White Fathers, played a central role in justifying French colonization in Africa in the name of the fight against “Muslim barbarism”. This song is adapted from a speech he gave to the French army troops in the cathedral of Algiers (1867).”

”White Fathers” follows Nightwatchers’ single ”1905 and the Muslim Exception”, both taken from the band’s upcoming, sophomore album ”Common Crusades”. The album will be released on Lövely Records October 8, and will be available on vinyl and all streaming platforms.

Check out ‘White Fathers’ via your preferred streaming service.

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