Senses Fail Announce ‘Let It Enfold You’ & ‘Still Searching’ Livestreams

Post-Hardcore quintet Senses Fail have announced the details of two upcoming livestream events where they’ll be performing ‘Still Searching’ and ‘Let It Enfold You’ in their entirety.

Both sets were recorded using a 360 degree tracking camera as well as steadicams at Joshua Tree, California with the set for the performance of ‘Still Searching’ set to air on July 29th 2021 whereas ‘Let It Enfold You’ will air a week later on August 5th 2021.

Frontman Buddy Nelson said the following on the sets.

“Joshua Tree is tied to many significant life changing events for me and the band. I heard the news of my first child, was a witness and first responder to a horrific accident, received news of a new president and experienced life altering connections with nature and family.

As a human I have done my best to survive and to ultimately flourish, I see the desert of Joshua Tree as a similar example of desolate space that thrives. My internal narrative can sometimes be desolate but I have always found a way to grow and persist despite harsh conditions. The desert has shown me that life is both beautiful and tragic and that both of them must exist in each other’s arms to feel the full spectrum of what the universe has to offer.

I can think of no better place to perform out two most popular and life changing records that deep in the heart go to the

Tickets for the events can be purchased via the following link.

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