Band Of The Day Interview – Ohmwork

Hello everyone and welcome back to the band of the day interview, today for you in the hottest we have Ohmwork, a trio emphasising great performance, hard hitting drum grooves, thunderous bass, heavy and energetic guitars and vocal lines with great melodies and hooks. The band is characterized as loud and bombastic with an attitude of ‘take no prisoners’! 

  1. If could introduce yourselves for us, who are you?

We are Ohmwork. A power trio from Norway with four albums, one EP and numerous singles to our name. Our fifth album Pareidolia is in the pipeline, coming out August 27.

  1. How did you all meet?

I wanted to start up a new project with fresh blood. I met up with the drummer and we agreed on what kind of music we wanted to do, talked about hope and dreams and so on. During the conversation the bass player’s my name came up. A week later we all met up for our first rehearsal. It clicked right away. Ohmwork were born. In the end of that year, we went into studio and started on our first album.

  1. How long have you been playing?

Nine years. It all started in 2012. 

  1. What three words would you use to describe the music you play?

Metal, prog and (hopefully) uniqueness.  

  1. What are your musical influences?

We are influenced by a bunch of bands, from 70s classic rock and prog to today’s heavy metal. Black Sabbath, Rush and Mastodon come to mind. 

  1. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen during a show?

Brawls. Idiots fighting and then get tossed out of the venue. 

  1. Being away from the stages since last year, where is the one place you’d visit when the restrictions are lifted?

Hard to say. What we really want is to get out to play! Small or big audience doesn’t matter. We are craving for a stage to play on. On a personally level I want to travel and see cities around the globe. That’s something I’ve really missed. London, Prague, Copenhagen, New Orleans, the list goes on.

  1. What’s the one record you own but wouldn’t ever admit to owning?

A couple of my old CDs are really an embarrassment to the rest of my collection. Cher probably. 

  1. What have you been listening in the last few weeks?

The new Greta van Fleet record and the latest release from Myles Kennedy. Both awesome albums!

  1. Are there any releases you have planned in the near future?

August 27, we release out new album Pareidolia. We have already released two tracks from it, ‘Liquid Fire’ and ‘Hill of Tara’. Check them out! Visit for more fun stuff.

Check out the video for ‘Liquid Fire’ below.

Anders L. Rasmussen, vocalist, and guitarist of Ohmwork

July 21

Check out Ohmwork via:




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