Lotus Eater Split Following Allegations Against Frontwoman Paul Collins

Lotus Eater have now disbanded following the allegations against Paul Collins (Vocals).

The frontman was accused by testimonies from ​‘Survivor A, B and C’ on social media account Surviving Paul Collins of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, rape, threats and more, where the band have responded to these allegations on July 9th 2021 saying that, ​“Paul Collins is no longer a member of Lotus Eater.”

Soon after that, the remaining members of Lotus Eater – Cameron Humphrey and Aiden Cooper have put an end to the band, posting a short statement that read: ​“Lotus Eater 2016 – 2021. Gloom Worldwide, thank you for everything.” 

The band were set to release their debut record, ‘Where the Body Goes’ later this month via Hopeless Records.

It looks as though the Lotus Eater social media accounts have since been deleted.

The now former frontman of Lotus Eater, Paul Collins has responded against the allegations which have been fired at him, writing the he will be “revising these statements and addressing them thoroughly”, and is taking legal action.

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