Zero Trust Share New Single, ‘Portraits’

New York-based Zero Trust have shared their heavy new single “Portraits” out on Equal Vision Records. The song is controlled chaos at its finest – a melding of jagged metalcore riffs, hardcore attitude, and melodic vocals centered around confronting your mortality.

Expanding on the meaning behind the song, vocalist BJ Allen stated:
“Portraits is about suddenly being confronted with mortality then reflecting on your limited time on earth and how you will be perceived when you are gone.”

Zero Trust, formed as a creative outlet during the ongoing pandemic, is completed by members of Coheed and Cambria, Bulldoze, Full Scale Riot, Agents of Man, Skarhead, and more. The group of hardcore veterans collectively builds upon a hard to define sound, blurring the lines of metal, hardcore, and alternative rock. You can watch the lyric video for “Portraits” here and stream the track here.

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