Set It Off Release New Video For Acoustic Version Of ‘Happy All The Time’

Recently, Set It Off brought their ‘Midnight’ era full circle and completed to with a last round of Acoustic Track.

One of the tracks ‘Happy All the Time’ got stripped back and was even better in some respects.

Now, they’ve released a video for the track which features Issues’ Skyler Acord as well as the Compton Kidz Club.

Cody Carson (Vocals) had this to say about the track:

“‘Happy All the Time’ has worked its way to bring my absolute favorite song off of Midnight’. I am so damn proud of this song and the people involved with it. The message is important to me because we all feel so much pressure to be 100 percent all of the time and it's SO important to remember that it’s okay to be sad. It also doesn’t hurt that my mom told me that even she puts this song on when she feels down.

“With this acoustic version, we seriously stripped it down so you can really appreciate the incredible talents of Skyler Acord on bass and The Compton Kidz Club choir, led by Fred Martin. It absolutely sends this song over the edge. It’s overflowing with emotion. Enjoy!”

Check out the video below.

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