Redhook Reveal Frenzied Video For ‘Kamikaze’

Sydney-based alternative-rock trio RedHook have just unveiled their hyperactive video clip for ‘Kamikaze feat. Will King’ – filmed, directed and edited by Brandon Lung (Stand AtlanticPolaris) with assistance from Yeah Rad Creative (The Dead LoveFANGZ).

Shot at various locations around Sydney’s inner west, the clip features all three band members performing the song in a flurry of feverish visuals, including kaleidoscopic effects and hysterical strobe lights. Featuring frantic quick cut shots, a penetrating colour scheme and extreme energy, the music video is a thrilling encapsulation of the song’s chaotic nature.

Lead singer Emmy Mack comments on the clip:

“Because this song is so fast-paced and aggro, we shelved our trademark kooky narratives and went for a more aesthetic, performance-based clip to capture some of the intensity and haywire energy of our live show and the song itself. The frenetic camera movements and dizzying lighting techniques reflect the themes of impending danger as the song’s protagonist hurtles towards their destruction.

Embarrassingly, I ended up in the ER after we filmed it from going a bit too hard trying to do a bunch of jumps and kicks in these giant emo platform boots and stacking it big time – thought I’d fractured my hand!”

Check out the video for ‘Kamikaze’ below.

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