A Revolutionary in the Midwest Punk and Emo Scene, James Laurent Returns with Most Personal Track Yet ‘Metamorphosis’

Inside and outside of the studio, James Laurent has become a revolutionary in the Midwest Emo and Punk scene. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, James has the true punk rock looks with lifestyle and sound to match. James Laurent is now releasing his most authentic and personal track yet, ‘Metamorphosis’. The track encapsulates life lessons James has been forced to face at a young age alongside tension-building percussion, punchy riffs and galvanic vocals. 

Working as a leading industry engineer in Los Angeles, James is able to bring the sonics and blends of other genres into his own Punk oriented music.  After receiving the instrumental from Ballon Beats, James locked himself inside his studio for two days while writing and redrafting lyrics. Once finished, he had to wait to record nine days while his voice rested. James then launched himself into a three-week-long mixing and mastering process of multiple revisions and references.

James Laurent on the inspiration behind his music:

“I got married at 19 and it has ended in divorce at 21. I don’t regret a second of it but it has taught me many life lessons and aged me well beyond my years. I really wanted to encapsulate everything I have given to make my career a reality.”

Music has been the biggest part of James Laurent’s life and has helped him through his most difficult times from overcome drug addiction to failed relationships. Making his own music allows James to paint pictures better than he ever could with a canvas and brush. With downfalls in life such as overdosing, family deaths, mental health issues, failed marriage and the stress of divorce; life hasn’t been easy for James Laurent. But the one thing that has always been constant is music. 

Check out ‘

Check out ‘Metamorphosis’ below or alternatively you can steam it via Spotify .

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