Rosie Releases New Single & Video For ‘Sad Sad Sad’

Rising singer-songwriter ROSIE releases her new single & video, “Sad Sad Sad,” out today via Arista Records. After releasing her viral hit “Never The 1” in 2020, ROSIE has continued to deliver a series of captivating singles as she heads towards the release of her debut EP.

Her debut EP, which is slated for release this Fall, explores the five stages of grief. In a statement about how her new single “Sad Sad Sad” aligns with the EP’s theme, ROSIE says, “The song represents acceptance and how, after a full year of healing and growing, sadness can still creep inThis feeling is a reminder that sometimes there are certain scars that never go away, and when sadness is accepted it can serve as a lesson to never repeat the same mistake twice.”

Opening with gentle guitar strumming, ROSIE’s soft vocals deliver a heart-wrenching first verse: “Too many restless nights my body’s shaking / My head hurts gotta stomach ache / Too many sleepless nights and I’m impatient / Like a war inside my mind / I’m anxious all the time.” As the production kicks in, “Sad Sad Sad” transforms into a captivating anthem packed with palpable, raw emotion.

Check out the video for ‘Sad Sad Sad’ below or you can stream the track via the following link.

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