Sleep Waker Share Video For title Track, ‘Alias’

Grand Rapids band SLEEP WAKER have shared the video for the title track of their new album Alias, out today, July 23, via UNFD.

“‘Alias’ is the final piece of the album,” offers Mish. “It’s the culmination of years of work from us, and concepts that have slowly been building since the beginning of the band. We specifically wanted this song to hit all the points on this album and really show the evolution. By the time you get to ‘Distance,’ the final song, you’ve come full circle and really feel the journey and full breath of the songs.”

This concept is mirrored in the music video. Mish explains, “Our music videos have always had a conceptual B story — even the playthroughs. We hope that now one of the final pieces has been revealed, we’ll be transitioning into a new chapter of Sleep Waker as a whole.”

Alias, which follows the band’s 2017 debut EP Lost in Dreams and the 2018-released full-length Don’t Look at the Moonis the sort of album that asks listeners to examine who we are, how we quantify our reality, and what it means to be alive. Although rooted in many of the same conceptual themes and ideas that gave the band their successful start in 2017, this time they’re diving even deeper. This time, it’s not just conceptual exploration. This time, it’s personal.

The band draws inspiration from the dream-like surrealism of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series, and futuristic sci-fi movies The MatrixBlade RunnerGhost in the Shell, and Japanese sci-fi anime series Cowboy Bebop.

Check out the Cover Art and Tracklisting for ‘Alias’ below.

Cold Moon
110 Minutes
Synthetic Veins

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