Ambient Electronic Producer & Pianist JK The Sage Shares New Single ‘Patterns/ To The Sea’

23 years old French Electronic artist JK The Sage is back with his new single ‘Patterns/ To The Sea’, taken from his new 4 track EP ‘Belongs To The Earth’. A multi-instrumentalist, pianist and composer, JK uses his skill as a pianist and producer to blend Classical composition with Jazz harmonies to create ambient electronic soundscapes akin to the early work of both Mura Masa and James Blake

Having worked as a session musician and producer for the likes of Stefflon Don, Aya Nakamura, Protoje, Barbara Pravi and many more, JK started to release his own music last year. Working alongside international artists and with major labels such as Universal, Warner, Sony Music, JK is transferring his vast knowledge as a pianist and producer into his own work. 

‘Patterns/ To The Sea’ is a prime example of how JK The Sage builds luscious landscapes with depth in both musicality and production. Opening with an airy vocal sample, wobbling synth and shuffling beats, the track quickly introduces JK’s unique Jazz infused writing style as the track ebbs and flows through it’s intriguing, atmospheric soundscape before dropping elegantly into it’s dreamy coda at 2.21. Mixing virtuoso keyboard playing with choppy samples and dubby basslines, JK captures an innovative contemporary Electronic sound that is both beautiful and inventive in equal measure.

Speaking on the track, JK The Sage said: 

“The world, earth and nature is full of patterns. Whether that’s in the geometry of any natural elements, a flower, a tree or in our own thoughts, everything happens in cycles. The cycle of seasons, the patterns of the waves, the sun that goes up and down everyday, the full moon that happens once a month, it is truly fascinating. 

Patterns/To the sea is about the contemplation of our own lives, nature, earth and the universe. In this music I tell the story of what happens in my life when I started exploring the links between my own mind & the outside world.”

Classically trained on the piano, JK uses his rich knowledge of music to compliment his production skill. With inspirations ranging from Rachmaninoff and John Coltrane to Debussy and Leonardo Da Vinci, JK has already gained a number of spotify playlist placements and gained thousands of streams across his previous releases. Now back with the new EP, JK The Sage is surely set to become a household name over the coming months!  

Check out ‘Patterns / To The Sea’ below.

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