Save Face Retun With New Track, ‘Glitter’

Save Face are bursting back into the limelight with ‘GLITTER’ –– a special kind of love song for all the people who wreak havoc on our lives. Watch as fresh crimson jumpers become nearly indistinguishable in the music video out now, directed by Benjamin Lieber and co-produced/directed by front person Tyler Povanda (he/him).

As Save Face re-emerge, a transition is beginning to show between that pop-punk group the scene became familiar with on their 2018 debut ‘Mercí’, and the synth-backed one thrashing around in placeholder blood in 2021. According to Povanda (and literally anyone who listens to this song), ‘GLITTER’ is a “sonic metaphor for the transition of the band” –– one that leans all the way into the eccentric and eclectic but with the unabashed confidence to pull it off, too. 

‘GLITTER’ is a mere preview of the mania to come from Save Face’s upcoming sophomore album for Epitaph Records, out later this year. Povanda has truly taken his songwriting, lyrics, and conceptual skills to the next level, creating music that’s more interested in building worlds than adhering to genre conventions.

“I’m just trying to make something that’s interesting to me, despite whether anyone likes it or hates it.” 

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