Death Blooms Release New Version Of Single, ‘Shut Up’ Featuring Wargasm

Death Blooms and Wargasm go hard in the new version of the former’s current killer single ‘Shut Up’, out today with a music video to match. 

Musing on the collaboration, which follows Death Blooms’ stint supporting Wargasm at socially-distanced gigs last year, vocalist Paul Barrow says: “Every single day I see and hear people doing stupid, pointless fucking shit. They look down on others less fortunate, they think they’re better than them. You’re not, you fucking dickhead. We’re all exactly the same. If you think otherwise, you’re wrong. When I initially wrote this song, things were slightly different. Since the time has passed, only more shitty, infuriating things have happened, so I thought it needed an updated perspective and outlook, and who better to give that than the two most rage fuelled people I know…” 

Sam and Milkie AKA Wargasm could identify with the track 100 per cent: “We just wanted to echo and add our weight to Paul’s sentiment. The planet is on fire, the air is filthy, everyone treats each other like shit and I think we would all kill for some silence…”

Liverpool metal outfit Death Blooms recently announced that their long awaited debut album ‘Life Is Pain’ will be released 22 October, 2021 via Adventure Cat Records. ‘Shut Up’ features on the full length and was also the first track to be played live on stage at this year’s Download Pilot festival at Donington Park, receiving a rapturous response from all assembled. Jack Saunders has already shown his continued support for the band, spinning  ‘Shut Up’ on BBC Radio 1’s Future Artists show.

Death Blooms will be hitting the road with Blood Youth and Trash Boat in September and October armed with their cutthroat collection of new tracks.

Check out ‘Shut Up’ Featuring Wargasm below.

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