Void Of Vision Release New Single, ‘The Lonely People’

Australian metal favourites Void Of Vision usher in a new era with the release of their new single ‘THE LONELY PEOPLE’ today, alongside the announce of their rescheduled Australian headline tour for January 2022. Tickets are available via the following link.

While historically Void Of Vision has been an outlet for frontman Jack Bergin‘s internal angst and self-loathing, ‘THE LONELY PEOPLE’ finds the vocalist embracing both a new outlook on life and way of writing.

The track is an exploration of Bergin’s own mental health throughout 2020 and that of the wider music industry in the face of crisis. Jack describes how the shared experience of the pandemic taught him he isn’t alone in his struggles, and how the connectedness, community and solace he found in music during this time was pivotal in his mission to find meaning. Ultimately, we see the vocalist embracing openness, clarity and purpose in a way never before seen.

Jack declares: “‘THE LONELY PEOPLE’ is a song for musicians by musicians. 

“For the first time in my life as a musician I was sharing the same experience as so many other artists, strangely connected and suffering simultaneously. Through the extremely isolating timeline that really just had no end in sight, with setback after setback, the insane desire to create and perform reached new unearthly levels,” he shares.

“I feel like we’re witnessing a rebirth of so many calloused individuals that were faced with an impossible adversity. The past year has left us all with this insatiable appetite and an unspoken bond formed between the entire music community. We’re all willing to do anything we can to bring our art back into frame, and deep down know that we’re not alone there.”

Check out the crushing track, ‘The Lonely People’ below.

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