Angel Du$t Announce New Record, ‘Yak: A Collection Of Truck Songs’

Angel Du$t have announced their upcoming record, ‘YAK: A Collection of Truck Songs’.

Set to be released on 22nd October 2021 via Roadrunner Records, the band have shared new track ‘Big Bite’ plus a video directed by Ian Shelton.

Vocalist / guitarist Justice Trippsays: “People get really married to the idea of making a record that sounds like the same band. If one song to the next doesn’t sound like it’s coming from the same band, I’m ok with that.”

The album’s tracklisting reads:

1. ‘Big Bite’
2. ‘No Vacancy’
3. ‘All The Way Dumb’
4. ‘Dancing On The Radio’ featuring Tim Armstrong
5. ‘Fear Some’
6. ‘Yak’
7. ‘Love Is The Greatest’
8. ‘Cool Faith’
9. ‘Never Ending Game’
10. ‘No Fun’
11. ‘Truck Songs’
12. ‘Turn Off The Guitar’

Pre-orders for the upcoming record are available via the following link.

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