Coe Hill Releases Debut EP Vol 1:Maybe Next Year

Coe Hill are releasing their debut EP Vol I: Maybe Next Year today via Blackgate Records. Each song features a different vocalist from a band in the scene to allow different writing styles and inspirations to shape each song. It was recorded in founder Doug Heiser’s basement was produced by Kyle Marchant . 

Heiser hopes that listeners take the following away from this release, “I hope that others see what I was able to make from the comfort of my home and be inspired to do the same. There are so many forms to exist as a musician these days, whether it’s aiming to be the next big international touring act, or releasing music for people to listen to online, find what fits your lifestyle best and pursue that avenue.”

As for what is to come next for the project Heiser says, ” I will continue to release music through Coe Hill going forward and am excited to work with more songwriters for future collaboration volumes, EP’s, Singles, etc.”

1.Warning (feat. Sean Thomas from The Devil In The Details)

2.Ghosts (feat. Mike Julian from Rival Town & Scott Barnes from In Fear and Faith)

3. One Year Later (feat. Simon Austin from Incase We Crash & Jason Emsallem from Nightwell)

4. Edge Of Collapse (feat. Tyler Small from Saving Vice)

5. Deadweight (feat. Hayden Trobee from Tigerwine)

Check out the EP via the following link.

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