Scott Magnus Releases New Single, ‘Lone Wolf’

Scott Magnus is a pop artist from Oldham, Manchester (UK). He creates strong, beautiful and melodious indie, pop/rock songs, bringing them to life with upbeat trap and hyperpop production, resulting in something which is powerful, introspective and heartfelt.

Scott is an outspoken supporter of people with disabilities, particularly those with learning difficulties, because he himself has ADHD, Autism and Dyspraxia. Scott turns the experiences he encounters as someone with disabilities into music that can heal, embolden and inspire anyone facing difficult obstacles. It is his mission to help people overcome their challenges as he does.

As an actor and model, 2020 saw Scott realizing his true passion for music and has since honed his craft for songwriting, singing, playing guitar and music production to an even more obsessive extent. He has amassed an ever-growing fanbase who not only enjoy his covers and original songs, but also the sketch comedy he creates and performs.

His latest release in the form of ‘Lone Wolf’ captures the beauty of going it alone as someone who find’s strength and peace in solitude.  The price for this lifestyle is loneliness and the difficulties that arise when friends and family aren’t around to support you and connect with you. The song takes the listener on a dreamlike journey from the heartache of self inflicted isolation where he contemplates the importance of having a “pack”, to the empowering, inspiring and fierce choruses in which he celebrates that he is a  “Lone Wolf” and declares that nonetheless he will still keep his loved ones close; “I’m not drowning out, my wolf pack!”. 

The song strikes a balance between Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter and Trap music. The minimal, melodious and rousing verses with its excitedly rhythmic guitar strums, majestic strings and introspective lyrics culminate in a chorus which packs a punch with trap bass + percussion and soaring vocals which merge seamlessly into the song’s signature falsetto ‘oos’ which are as pretty as they are moving. 

Check out ‘Lone Wolf’ below.

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