Tigress Release Music Video For ‘F.L.Y.’

TIGRESS release the new video for ‘F.L.Y.’ directed and produced by the band’s very own Josh ‘JJ’ Coombes (FINCOTOWN productions) and features a hilarious cameo from vocalist Katy Jackson.

Tigress’ debut album ‘PURA VIDA’ is OUT NOW via Humble Angel Records. Fans listen/stream the album HERE, and purchase on transparent magenta vinyl and CD digipak HERE.

Speaking on their latest video, drummer and video director Josh Coombes comments: “The original plan was to have the band appear throughout each scene, while the couple does their thing. However, a few days before we started shooting, Katy called me from A&E to tell me she had just broken both her wrists and nose... I needed to think of a way around this because she wouldn’t be able to perform… A few scenes were re-written, some got scrapped while new ones went in, and we were good to go!”  Coombes teases: “We all wanted Katy to still be a part of it in some way, of course, so she has a little cameo in there somewhere… you’ll have to watch it to find out what it is!”

Katy comments on the themes of ‘F.L.Y.’ adding: “I wanted to write a real love song about what it’s actually like to be in a relationship. Most love songs are written about a new and fresh love. I’m in a relationship of 14 years, and this is the reality of what it’s like. It’s the truth and not a fantasy of a relationship.” Jackson concludes “You don’t wake up looking longingly in each other’s eyes… F.L.Y. is a gritty badass love song.”

Check out the video for ‘F.L.Y.’ below.

‘PURA VIDA’ was recorded and produced at BLACK BAY STUDIO by Grammy award-winningengineer Adrian Bushby(Muse, Foo Fighters, Black Peaks, Everything Everything) and mastered by Harry Hess(Billy Talent, Architects); ’PURA VIDA’ holds a magnifying glass up at a world that values one-click filters over reality, and that celebrates youth and beauty above much else,  highlighting and confronting the destructive impact of societal expectation. From the falsity of social media to external pressures on women’s bodies, ‘PURA VIDA’ delivers an unfiltered view of modern adult life while seamlessly combining elements of grunge, desert rock and indie as its backdrop.

“The album is about confronting everything you don’t like about yourself, turning it into something you love, and leading a pure life from there,”  vocalist Katy Jackson explains, crediting its title to her trip to Costa Rica. Splitting her time between an isolated beach hut and the Central American jungle, it allowed her to truly disconnect. “That trip changed me,” she recalls. “It made me realise how I was so self-absorbed. It made me think I wanted to live a purer life.” 

With that, ‘PURA VIDA’ is a product of experience. Not just an eye-opening trip abroad, but a collection of observations that younger artists could not land on. “I had experienced life at its fullest and most connected and then dumped back into such a lonely and isolated existence.”

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