A Death Blooms Fan Was Denied An AirBNB Booking Because Of Their Music Taste

You know that feeling when you’re going to a gig and you’re trying to get everything in order.

You book a place and have a good time then you’re in bed just dreaming about what you’ve witnessed.

But what happens when you’re denied a place because of the band you’re going to see?

This was the reality for a fan of Death Blooms as she tried to book a place in Bristol before going to watch Death Blooms.

In a conversation with their Airbnb host after being asked what band they will be seeing, the host then withdrew the offer saying they’re “not comfortable with the nature of the music”.

Then when asked if the offer would still be there when they come to see Martin Kemp in a few months (brilliant), the host said that they find Death Blooms music and lyrics “aggressive, expletive-riddled and disturbing” and that is why they have declined their offer.

Well, I thought this sort of things only happened in America?

But now the band have actually leaned into what happened where Merch has been made and this will be used for the fans accommodation in Bristol.

Check it out below.

You like it? Well, you can buy it from the following link.

And now Airbnb are looking into things as well.

Fingers crossed something happens on this!

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