Never Loved Release New Single, ‘I Can’t Take It’

Never Loved have dropped their latest single, ‘I Can’t Take It’.

On writing the track, vocalist Cameron Kopp said “‘I Can’t Take It’ was the first song I wrote with Nick (All American Rejects) for the LP. At the time, we already had a good amount of songs that had more the traditional Never Loved sound so my goal going into that writing session was to create something different. When I heard the first 3 chords on keys it instantly resonated with the lyrics I had started to write out. ‘I Can’t Take It’ takes you through all of the mixed emotions that come with wanting to get over someone, but wanting to be with them even more.”

The band are currently touring the US opening for Armor For Sleep.

Check out the Lyric Video for ‘I Can’t Take It’ below.

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