Kat Sera Releases New Track, ‘The Moon’

Emerging East London based singer KAE SERA blends modern day electro-pop with sounds from the 50’s and 60’s to create something which is both unique yet familiar. Originally from Liverpool, the artist grew up in a city rich in musical heritage, exposed to the nostalgic soundscapes of the bands that made the city famous. These sounds subliminally fed her musical appetite, giving her music a vintage haze and maturity. With a fascination for literature and poetry, her songs provide a captivating, storytelling experience, pulling you into her world. 

“The Moon” showcases KAE SERA’s thought process after receiving a late-night message from an ex-lover. The superlunary single personifies the moon holding it responsible for the confidence it gives people, to channel and reveal their emotions, confessing their truths in the glow of the moonlight. The songwriter shares, “It is definitely a heartbreak song for those who are seeking answers about post break up communication”. The songwriter hopes the single encourages people to stay present and understand the past, explaining, “I hope it helps people accept the fact that they will never fully understand the reason why an ex contacts them, but know that you can get a sense of closure from recognising the patterns of messages playing out”.

Eerie, dreamy and undeniably alluring, “The Moon” has a beat that feels somewhat reminiscent of a muffled rock/garage flow giving a pumping heartbeat of emotion. This celestial track is laced with delicate vocals that shimmer throughout. “The Moon” feels subtly dark drawing in on the night-sky wonder, with twinkling synths and a flush of magic. Overall the minimal soundscape is complex in its understated layers, making for a gentle and mysterious aura.

Check out ‘The Moon’ below.

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Next Stop Olympus Release New Single, ‘My Affliction’

Salisbury based quartet have dropped their latest track, ‘My Affliction’.

On there release, the band say:

“This song is about the burning sensation inside when your temper has reached its limit, trying to express how crippling anger and a temper can be and how much it can ruin a life in split second bad decisions. Bringing awareness to the fact that people that do struggle day to day with a temper”.

Matt Gray (Bass & Vocals) adds: “This track was an interesting one from how it came about, Matt had written the lyrics for it and shown Harry one evening, Harry came up with the chorus melody almost straight away and then when we next had practice he’d written a skeleton to the song, we’d worked on the song as a band from there. Two of the main points from when we were recording the song that really stand out was the word ‘Rage’ being screamed before the breakdown was decided on the spot in the vocal booth, we’d been talking about having something there already but couldn’t decide until the Graves brothers (Innersound Studio) agreed it needed something there and the other part was the big ending when it has all three vocals going was actually finalised by Harry in the middle of the night the day before we recorded the vocals for it.”

Check out the video for the track below.

Future-Pop Artist Maria Domark Releases Flawless EP, Shares ‘Haunted’

Future-pop artist and former model Maria Domark has released her debut EP, Flawless on the 3rd of September via P.O.F CORP. On the EP, listeners will find the enticing song, ‘Haunted’. Maria Domark’s EP is accompanied by hyper-modern 3D art from artists like Razorade and Sevi Domochevsky who have worked with the likes of Grimes, Charli XCX, and Arca. The artist has built a social empire by herself with over 2 million followers on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok and more. Maria Domark has deleted all of her prior content to start over from scratch on a complete online rebranding, without prejudice. The singer is currently garnering the attention of international publications, including CLASH Magazine and FLAUNT with her debut EP. Ones To Watch have added ‘Mieway’ (also taken from the EP) to their Now Watching Spotify playlist while ‘Haunted’ was featured on the well-known Youtube channel Syrex.  

While her music is accompanied by iconic mind-bending visual art and curious underground labels, Maria Domark’s sound embraces the world of future pop, calling to mind the likes of Grimes, Poppy, Ashnikko and Dorian Electra.

Maria Domark was born in St. Petersburg and moved to Israel at a young age. As an immigrant, she had a hard time making friends and fitting in. Adding to the fact that she also grew up poor and raised by a single mother, she tried to hide her identity as a foreigner. She managed to get into one of the biggest model agencies in the country – in order to support herself financially and to fit in – where she thrived. The plastic shallow and superficial world of celebrities and modelling soon grew tiresome and left her feeling fake and unfulfilled, so Maria Domark chose to quit, leaving her whole life behind, disconnecting herself completely, in search of authenticity and following a lifelong passion of creating music.

Maria Domark is unashamedly dramatic as she builds tension with the atmospheric song ‘Haunted’. Drawing you in like a siren calling the unsuspecting to her depths, Maria Domark provides a lifeboat of authenticity and captivating lyrics, leaving the listener to cling to them as if the bass-driven moments hold life-saving elements. In your face and willing to disturb, Flawless carries a dark and beat-driven vein encompassing the spirit of inner rebellion. The EP tells the story of fear, loneliness, rumours, plastic culture, anxiety, but also of living your truth at all costs. She had enough of being told who and what she has to be. The singer knows that this project would be a fraud upon by the same people that expect her to be obedient and polite. Instead, she is delving into the world of the genuine, seeking to make a real change in both herself and the world. 

The artist tells us about the creation of ‘Haunted’: “The melody for Haunted just popped into my head while playing guitar, it was the beginning of the lockdowns and I felt completely lost. I had just stopped modelling and dropped my old manager and didn’t know what’s coming next. One line that I wrote for the songs guides me ever since – “No one is coming for me”. This song changed me for the better, it was the first song I wrote on my own, it made me start producing and set this whole project in motion.”

Flawless EP Tracklisting

1. Not Alright

2. Rumors

3. Mieway

4. Haunted

5. Amazing (Kanye Cover)

Poison Oak Release New Single, ‘Losing Ourselves’

Poison Oak have dropped their latest single, ‘Losing Ourselves’.

The track is about forgetting trends that sometimes dictate our youth. It’s about growing into yourself doing the things and hobbies that you like, despite what anyone thinks.

James: I had the introduction riff for a while, and I originally was playing it in the key of A, rather than E. I sort of called it my Smashing Pumpkins/Silversun Pickups riff, as it used the open E strings while going back and forth from maj 7th note to the tonic. Which is pretty common among those bands’. Then one morning, after going out with some friends, I wrote the song based off the feeling I got from the night. Where I didn’t really care about, “what I should be doing”, and “where I should go” and basically “what people think about me”. Letting go I guess of all common things we do sometimes to try and fit into society, like wanting to take pictures for social media etc, to make yourself look like you have a “fun life” or whatever. After that night, it made me realise that I don’t have time for it, and there’s nothing I enjoy about it either. Basically, summing up what it is to grow into an adult, and I just don’t have time to care about things that don’t matter to me. I pretty much sat and wrote the song out in an hour.

We then recorded it with Mark Myers from the Middle East. Tightening things up, adding things in etc. To make it shine a little more.

Check out ‘Losing Ourselves’ via your preferred streaming service.

Toronto Punk-Pop Rocker Chris Nine Unleashes Blast Of Adrenaline With ‘The Rage’ Single

Canadian post-hardcore punk-pop rocker Chris Nine unleashes a blistering blast of bone-crushing adrenaline in the form of his new single, “the rage” — available now! 

The new supercharged single lands ahead of the Toronto-based artist’s forthcoming EP, The Heavy, due out this Fall.

“the rage” is a harrowing opus that unveils the duality of love and the consequences of our actions. This viewpoint puts the listener’s experience front and center, creating a connection using emotionally complex themes while embedding them within expertly produced music you wouldn’t typically hear from a newer artist. Chris Nine bears his soul to tell a tale that’s as much filled with tragedy as it is hope.

“I show up, a fight last night was what you
Had to call it
I’m so sorry, I’m still lonely
Can this be our moment”

Chris Nine’s poignant lyrics act as a two-way musical mirror held up to his listeners in an attempt to engage on a more personal level; stripping away all ego and pride, he takes a raw and honest approach with his sonic storytelling.

Lyrical vulnerability has always been a part of Chris Nine’s artistic journey; it seemed inevitable that the appropriate considerations were taken when considering the overall blending of genres that make up his sound. You are just as likely to pick up on musical splashes of Paramore and Rage Against the Machine as you are to catch hints of Machine Gun Kelly; this carefully crafted sound offers a cerebral experience that inspires the listener to reflect on their own lived experience while head-banging to catchy licks that are sure to induce an earworm.

A polished orchestration of razor-sharp guitar riffs, supercharged vocals, and stadium-filling drums, Chris Nine’s delivery is a supersonic yet melancholy musical offering sure to honour his rock contemporaries. Channelling various artistic influences across punk and post-rock music, this spellbinding synthesis of sound harnesses the power embedded within his ominous melodies, and intertwines them with his bold perspective.

“the rage” is available to watch below.

The Plot In You Share New Track, ‘Paradigm’ With Music Video

Ohio quartet The Plot In You have shared the video for ‘Paradigm.’ 

The song is erected on a thunderous riff, with nuanced vocals and other unexpected sonic flourishes throughout, like an utterly chaotic and powerful breakdown.

“I wrote ‘Paradigm’ for another band in 2020,” Tewers reveals. “I kept coming back to it with my own vocal ideas and ultimately decided to keep it for myself. ‘Paradigm’ is about the ridiculousness of worshipping artists and content creators — most of which don’t care about impact or message they bring.”

Check out the video for ‘Paradigm’ below.

The track appears on the band’s forthcoming fifth album ‘Swan Song’, out 17 September via Fearless Records.

After racking up over 100 million streams and receiving praise from BillboardRock SoundAlternative Press, and more, The Plot In You have crafted an album that addresses the end of various things and situations in life. It was a way for the members to expunge some negative things from their lives through their art. With this record, the band stared down years of negativity, soured friendships, disappointment, and mistakes and catalysed those experiences into hammering distortion, towering melodies, epic production, and unapologetically cathartic lyrics. It’s an album that their fans and beyond will intimately and instantly relate to.

The Plot In You will return to the road in North America with Silverstein and Can’t Swim this autumn. 

1. Letters To A Dead Friend
2. Fall Again
3. Face Me
4. Too Far Gone
5. Paradigm
6. Both To Blame
7. Too Heavy
8. Enemy
9. Whole Without Me
10. Freed”

Pre-order the album, which follows 2018’s excellent ‘Dispose’,here.

Monster Magnet Unleashes Lyric Video For ‘Solid Gold Hell’

Earlier this year, Napalm Records presented the next chapter in psychedelic rock icons MONSTER MAGNET’s rabbit hole deep dive, A Better Dystopia (out now) – a delightfully (and psychotically) curated collection of 60’s and 70’s proto-metal and late-era psych obscurities covered by the heavy New Jersey legends themselves. A Better Dystopia sees the band pay homage to some of their favorite songs of all time, while reflecting on the paranoia, dystopia and revolution of both now – and then.

Today, MONSTER MAGNET releases the lyric video for their version of The Scientists’ “Solid Gold Hell”.

Frontman Dave Wyndorf says: 
I’m a huge fan of The Scientists and I just love the hell out of this song. It’s hypnotic, dark and sexual with a unique and amazing groove. In a cooler world we’d hear stuff like this blasting out of everyone’s speakers. I’d love to hear Billie Eilish take a crack at this one…” 

Regarding the video, he continues:
“Joe Tait’s art is so damned interesting… Where else can one find Hieronymus Bosch, Pam Grier, Cold War Soviet monuments, the Dr. Strangelove war room, astronauts, dinosaurs AND rockers all in the same video?” 

Check out the lyric video for ‘Solid Gold Hell’ below.

Sweedish Death Metal Legends UNLEASHED Announce New Studio Record, ‘No Sign Of Life’

Three years after the release of The Hunt for White Christ (2018), iconic Swedish death metal legends UNLEASHED return with their new studio album, No Sign of Life, out November 12, 2021 via Napalm Records – once again setting the ultimate standard of death metal!
The Swedish crew is led by founding frontman Johnny Hedlund, and features drummer Anders Schultz and two guitarists Tomas Måsgard and Fredrik Folkare – delivering and defining supreme death metal for over 32 years. On No Sign of Life, the band formed of Viking descendants transports the listener straight into an outraging battle with 11 forceful tracks that revive the essentials of death metal, facing the sheer brutality of war. UNLEASHED are back to defend their throne, forging another uncompromising musical weapon that continues the marvelous legacy of Vikings.
To satisfy the bloodthirst, UNLEASHED just released their staggering brand new track from No Sign of Life, entitled “The King Lost His Crown”, alongside a sharp lyric music video. The track dives right in without mercy, dominated by destructive guitars, blasting drums and the well-known chunky and brutal screams of genre-carving vocalist Johnny Hedlund.
Johnny on the first single:
“In the aftermath of the battle of Jorsala, where the Midgard Warriors stood victorious, White Christ is now being hunted from the once so holy city. The enemy flees towards the desert, and his armies are about to lose faith in their leader. It seems that the king lost his crown”.

Check out the lyric video for ‘The King Lost His Crown’ below.

UNLEASHED on the album:
“It is our hope that our warriors all over the world will enjoy the new album just like they have our previous ones. We have, as always, tried to stick to our roots while testing our steel to develop the genre of Viking Death Metal even further. Hail Odin!

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-orders for the record below.

1. The King Lost His Crown
2. The Shepherd Has Left the Flock
3. Where Can You Flee?
4. You Are the Warrior!
5. No Sign of Life
6. The Highest Ideal
7. Midgard Warriors for Life
8. Did You Struggle with God?
9. Tyr Wields the Sword
10. It is Finished
11. Here at the End of the World

Pre-orders for ‘No Sign Of Life’ are available via the following link.

Dying Wish Deliver Crushing New Track, ‘Severing The Senses’

Dying Wish have shared another magnificent track off their upcoming debut record, ‘Fragments Of A Bitter Memory’.

‘Severing The Senses’ delivers the crushing riff and the face melting breakdowns of one volatile track.

Vocalist Emma Boster explains on the track:

“I wrote the lyrics at a time when friends of mine were coming forward about their experiences with abuse after years of their stories being invalidated and suppressed. As a survivor myself, it was triggering for me to see their bravery met with even more denial and excuses from the person who caused them harm. That feeling of anger and sadness I get in those moments will forever be unparalleled. ‘I cannot escape this torment granted by the hand of a coward’ is specifically about those triggered emotions.
“After growing up in a home where I experienced violence, I had a very distorted expectation from men. As a result, I found myself in a relationship where I experienced other forms of abuse. ‘I felt the weight of every mistake you made’ and ‘I took the blame each time you broke my heart’ refers to the gaslighting and manipulation I dealt with in my first relationship. It’s a story I no longer tell because of how many times I’ve been told that my trauma wasn’t real. The idea of the letter on the deathbed is intended for the survivor to have the last word so they never have to feel invalidated again.”

Check out ‘Severing The Senses’ below.

Fragments Of A Bitter Memory’ is set to drop October 1st via SharpTone Records.

MasonRoseGray Releases New Track, ‘Unrecogsized’

MasonRoseGray is a singer/songwriter based in Florida. Creating music with the sole intention of shining light into the dark and exposing the truth, her sound blends indie, folk and blues with honest and raw lyrics, unlocking a whole new world; the good, the bad, the ugly. Inspired by the likes of Miranda Lambert, Billie Eilish and David Bowie, Gray evokes a unique and infectious sound that encourages self-love and ultimately provides the key to happiness. 

Having experienced a turbulent upbringing with many ups and downs, the artist has now learnt to put herself first and focus on her own happiness. Setting out with the desire to spread love and joy and create music to lift your soul and spirit, Gray’s sound makes you feel alive. Through a shimmery lens, the musician emphasizes the importance of connecting with humanity and finding love in the little things. 

“Unrecognized” speaks of emotional and physical abuse and the importance of speaking up and bringing awareness to the situation. The songwriter confides, “I believe as a society it’s more and more prevalent. I wanted to bring awareness and take the listener on a deep truthful journey through the anguish and turmoil one goes through when experiencing anger and rage. The feeling as if they don’t know who they are or even recognize themselves,” continuing, “Unrecognized was challenging to write but felt it was necessary to share this story. It’s a very vulnerable subject and this song certainly reflects that.” The single represents all aspects of the human lifespan and the emotional rainbow we experience. Sending a gentle reminder to embrace our shadows and dark sides, rather than hiding them away, Gray explains, “Unrecognized is a metaphor for burnt toast; sometimes you get knocked down in life and it doesn’t always go according to plan. You feel a loss of control which sometimes can be detrimental, but my motto is throw it away and start over another day or just eat it.”

With vintage washed keys, a nostalgic, sedated beat and a delicate ripple of electric guitar, the calm and controlled mood feels steady and mystical, not holding back on emotion. Through her signature husky vocals, the track moves into a fluid, echoing guitar, dripping in an underlying euphoria and contrasting with the overall aura and theme. The waves of dynamics flood the track with ups and downs reflecting the heartfelt lyrical storytelling. 

Optimistic, energetic and charismatic with a fully alive spirit, Gray is a huge advocate for mental health and awareness. She shares, “I feel I have come to terms with my full story and I’m ready to share it with the world. I hope it resonates with audiences everywhere!”

Check out the video for ‘Unrecognized’ below.

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