Greyskies Releases New Record, The Mind Is Like The Moon

GREYSKIES is at the forefront of what it takes to cut through the noise. Fusing alt-rock influences paired with a dark-pop underbelly, the Iceland native is motivated to write meaningful songs with highly potent lyricism that transcends beyond the norm. Taking his home country by storm since dropping his debut single last year, GREYSKIES has been building towards releasing his first body of work as an artist to relate to and invest in worldwide. His debut album ‘The Mind Is Like The Moon’ is a culmination of vulnerability and euphoria, channeled through epic, stadium-sized alt-rock songs, exposing his everyday feelings of living and residing in a country of mostly darkness.

Giving the nod to the likes of Halsey and Twenty One Pilots, GREYSKIES’ aptly self-titled lead single from the album begins proceedings, bringing you into his multi-genre universe. His vocals immediately let you sink into the atmosphere he’s effortlessly created from the first second, with the switching in mood of dark to uplifting from verse to chorus, showcasing his limitless songwriting ability. Packed full of hook-ridden melodies with grungy guitar riffs and relatable lyrics about his struggles with anxiety and restlessness, it’s a song that will catch the ear of the many, not the few.

Self-producing his own work too, GREYSKIES possesses an undeniable and relentless want to create and innovate. ‘The Mind Is Like The Moon’ will certainly take you to another place entirely, and bring you into the world of GREYSKIES with a relentless pull that you won’t let go of.

Check out the record, ‘The Mind Is Like The Moon’ below.

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