Modern Error Announce Debut Record, ‘Victim Of A Modern Age’

Modern Error have announced their upcoming debut record, ‘Victim Of A Modern Age’ is set to be released January 21st 2022 via Rude Records.

On announcement, the band have also released their latest track, ‘The Truest Blue’.

“‘The Truest Blue’ is a duality of audio and visual, expressing the idea of becoming absolute/ the purest version of yourself,” says the duo’s Zak Pinchin. “Conceptually I wanted to paint the picture of a rebirth into a new world, one of which to reflect on the earth we all inhabit and see it what it really is. I question this life a lot, what it means to me and what it means to others. The Truest Blue in a sense is my reflection on the human condition in a brief and instinctual sense. I feel this also translates into how Modern Error is progressing, Into a new world of its own. This song sets us up on a much more honest path sonically. Modern Error will always evolve to the intention of its name.”

Full-length ‘Victim Of A Modern Age’ is described as an album of two mirroring halves.

“We want you to have to listen to the record all the way through,” says Kel Pinchin. “That’s getting lost in a single-based age, but I love listening to albums as bodies of work and if we can have some hand in bringing that back then fuck it, why not. It’s a debut record. You only get that one chance to make that first impression.”

Check out ‘The Truest Blue’ below.

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