Camp Code Release New Single, ‘Blue’

Camp Cope have dropped a new single, ‘Blue’.

The release is their first in three years, which is also their first cut from the band’s as-yet-unannounced third album, the follow up to 2018’s ‘How to Socialise and Make Friends’.

A press release explains: “‘Blue’ is recognisably Camp Cope, but a little softer, a bit more relaxed and much more refined. Georgia Maq’s vocals soar over finely layered harmonies, with Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich’s signature winding bass lines and Sarah Thompson’s flighting drums both underscoring the louder and framing the quieter moments. Ruminating on what it’s like to love through depression, and persevering while the world outside has other plans (“I put down your pain, but I’ll pick it up again / it’s all blue, that’s why I fit in with you”), ‘Blue’ is a calling card for acceptance, both in that external forces cannot fundamentally change what’s going on inside your head, and searching for peace amidst the chaos. It’s in the song’s quieter moments that it crashes down like a waterfall.”

Check it out below.

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