Orchards Share New Track ‘Wrong Shoes’

Orchards have shared a new track from their upcoming EP, ‘Trust Issues’.

Set to be released on 26th November via Big Scary Monsters, the five-track release follows on from their 2020 debut record ‘Lovecore’, and will arrive ahead of a February-March UK tour. Their latest teaser track is ‘Wrong Shoes’.

The band explain: “Wrong Shoes is the angrier cousin of Drive Me Home. Still on brand wholesome Orchards, don’t worry, but it’s an anti love song at its core. Like with all our songs, whatever the words mean to you is totally valid. “This could be the best song we’ve ever written. Bold, I know. But honestly this whole EP reflects the best of our creativity and we are in love with the whole thing. We hope you find connection and validation in these tracks and Wrong Shoes is really one of those songs you can scream along to in the shower when you’re washing that person out of your hair.”

Of the full EP, singer Lucy Evers adds: “2020 has given us trust issues, hence the name of the record. This EP is an angry (yet happy, we’re still on brand!) call out to all the things that have given us trust issues in the last year. We’re not keeping our mouths shut now. I always say I’ll never write lyrics about something I haven’t personally experienced, and at this point I’ve experienced enough in the last year to last me a lifetime.”

The full tracklisting reads

Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)
Wrong Shoes
Drive Me Home
Bye, Insecurity

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