Never Elected Release New Music Video For ‘Where You Belong’

After releasing the thought-provoking and socio-politically themed video for their song “Wake Up” last year, Washington, DC’s Never Elected is back with a new video for their song “Where You Belong”. The video touches on yet another serious topic. This time dealing with the struggles of mental health, a topic that is taboo to discuss openly in many cultures.Vocalist Sujit Kumar adds: 

Sometimes you don’t know what’s worse. The reality you escape, when you fall asleep, or the nightmares that you forcefully wake up from.

“Where You Belong” takes a look into the intertwined lives of three individuals, all dealing with different forms of depression, anger, and passive suicidal ideations. A therapist and a failed parent who abuses his own prescription drugs. A rocker and cross-dresser who is seeing a therapist for his depression, nightmares, and suicidal ideation. An angry corporate lawyer whose father killed his guitar-playing dreams, and often has intrusive thoughts on wanting to kill his parents. 

Check out the video for ‘Where You Belong’ below.

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