Anarcheon Release New Music Video ‘Transyldrai

Vancouver based band Anarcheon is putting out a new three-track EP “Scary Tale” this year, and the first single “Transyldrainia” is now out complete with a video.

“In this EP we flip the sequence and start with “Transyldrainia” We wrote this last but it really almost tells about the psychology of trying to make someone see the sheer pleasures of being immortal. The big question: Have you ever wondered, Have you ever dreamed, Of a life not bound by hours, Not life or death But somewhere in between? As humans, we are very fragile. This song suggests life can end at any moment so why not just come to the dark side where you will be free of the disease of death. It tells of how the person could be torn, but in the end, begs to be free with the coercion of this magical beast.”

Delivering a creepy but groovy vibe, the upcoming EP takes you through a vampiric journey into the dark side of Anarcheon. The new recording takes you through a transition of a woman to a blood-thirsty beast. She longs for her blood-thirsty lady lover only to realize once she is turned she is someone she never imagined she could be. The EP has been in the works for a while and it’s lyrically very different from what they have released in the past but keeps that groovy instrumental element they have honed. These new songs are all horror-based and blood lustful, but with a twist of metaphorical magic.

Check out ‘Aracheon’ below.

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