Daisy Draper Drops New Single, ‘Let Go’

Spiritual pop artist Daisy Draper has released her new single “Let Go”.

Fueled by spirituality and wellness, Daisy Draper is creating her own fresh brand of pop music. “Let Go” gives listeners a sleek taste of her spirituality, and how she is intertwining that with swirling melodies and bold, atmospheric synth sounds. As an intuitive healer (and the pioneer of her genre), Draper seeks to make spirituality more accessible to listeners. The release of “Let Go” finds Draper doing just that, letting new ears in on her dance-y, ethereal world. About the single, she states:

“Let Go,” is about shadow and inner child work. Shadow work is the act of alchemizing wounds and integrating denied aspects of self to become whole. This type of deep, inner work allows us to show up as our most authentic selves to align with The Divine Path.”

Check out ‘Let Go’ below.

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